Provide your members with a mobile app through the Rhythm + Clowder integration.



Clowder is the #1 mobile engagement solution for communities. As the world has shifted towards a mobile-first mindset, Clowder puts on-hand connectivity and convenience at the forefront of your engagement strategy. Think of Clowder as your own private social network.


Hands-on Connectivity 

Clowder gives you another way to meet your members where they are. With an app on their phone, members can access newsfeeds, messaging, forums, and event pages. 


Now your members can quickly edit their member profiles, connect with other members through membership directories, and receive push notifications to their phone when it’s time to renew their membership – all from their phone.

Shared Data


Information Shared from Rhythm >
Contact: ID, Work Address, Version
Organization: Name, Address, Main Phone Number
Event: Name, Description, Type Name, Start Date, End Date, Timezone, Url, Location, Venue Name, Masthead Image
Membership: Number, Type Name, Status
Session: ID, Name, Start Date, End Date, Description, Location
Speaker: ID, Name, Job Title, Photo Uri, Linked In, Bio
Information Shared Bi-Directionally <>
Contact: Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Image, Job Title, Home Address, Mobile Phone Number, Work Phone Number





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