Abstract management

Capture high-quality proposals with Abstract Management

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Gain credibility with a process that considers the entire user journey

Seamless Submissions

Eliminate the confusion of the submission process with a fully configurable flow.

No-Fuss Reviews

Customize the review process with assignment rules, the option for blind reviews, or multiple rounds.

Events Integration

Enjoy reduced work with seamless rollover to a session after an abstract is accepted.

Capture high-quality proposals with a systematic approach to Abstract Management.

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Configurable Submission Process

Rhythm allows each event to have a completely different, configurable abstract submission process. Say goodbye to the days of accepting submissions via email or standalone forms, and hello to a tailored, intuitive process that collects submissions all in one place.

  • Sort submissions appropriately based on selected criteria
  • Give prospective speakers clear visibility into the status of their submissions
  • Applicants can add co-authors to account for multiple speakers
  • Allow users to save their progress and come back to the form later

User-Friendly Portal Review Process

Set a custom review process to make it easy for teams and committees to log into the portal, see the submissions they’ve been assigned, and complete their reviews.

  • Create a streamlined process for members of the judging panel 
  • Craft a custom review process for a hassle-free experience
  • Create a custom review form for reviewers to submit, so you’re able to document all the necessary information
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Integration with Events

The abstracts premium feature is integrated with the events app, so all the submission information will roll over into an event session when it has been approved.

  • In a seamless integration, accepted abstracts will be added as sessions in their corresponding event
  • All abstract information rolls over into the event session
  • Applicants receive a notification when their submission is approved