Nothing should stand between your members and the benefits you offer

Get your new members engaged quickly with an effortless application process that boasts social logins

Save your corporate members time by making it easy to allocate benefits to their staff members

Focus on what’s important by putting routine tasks on auto-pilot and letting members serve themselves

Deliver a member experience that really stands out

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  • Give prospective members a compelling reason to join by creating membership packages tailored to their needs
  • Design a membership application that will help you get to know your new members quickly while promoting any add-ons you might have
  • Use member profiles as a centralized place for member information like contact details and membership history
  • Keep member benefits flowing with completely automated membership drop and renewal processes

Member Experience

  • Give members power over their experience by allowing them to join, renew, and edit their profile from any device
  • Corporate members can join and designate benefits to appropriate staff in seconds
  • Take advantage of social media by syncing profile data and login information, making the join process faster
  • Members can join and renew from anywhere with the payment methods you choose
  • Give your members a way to plug into groups such as chapters, sections, and committees 
  • Let members find and connect with one another through our fully customizable Membership Directories. A single resource for members to network, learn, and level up their expertise.

Chapters, Sections, & Committees

  • Organize memberships across a variety of layers including chapters, regions, districts, and zones
  • Use sections to bring together like-minded members by interests to personalize their member experience
  • Engage your most active members through committees. Manage positions, terms, files, and members in single place
  • Is there a cost associated with your chapters or sections? No problem - dues are applied automatically when a chapter or section is selected

Be the association your members expect you to be

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