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Your members deserve an exceptional experience

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Nothing should stand between your members and the benefits you offer

Great experiences don’t have to be complicated. Give prospective members a compelling reason to join by creating membership packages tailored to their needs, focus on what’s important by putting routine tasks on auto-pilot, and let members serve themselves.

Effortless Applications

Get your new members engaged quickly with an effortless application process that is tailored to fit your association’s unique needs.

Benefits, Simplified

Save your organizational members time by making it easy to allocate benefits to their staff members.

Boost Workflows

Focus on what’s important by putting routine tasks on auto-pilot and letting members serve themselves.

It’s no secret that member expectations are high. Rhythm gives you all the tools you need to offer a joy-filled experience to your members, without all the fuss.

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Membership Application

Get the information you need from your incoming members to offer packages and programs that feel like a tailored, custom fit. Our fully-configurable application forms allow you to collect and sort key information, creating a more intuitive experience for your applicants and making life easier on your staff.

  • Customizable Membership Packages
  • Configurable Application Forms
  • Rule-Based Criteria
  • Individual and Corporate Memberships
  • Inherited Benefits for Organizational Members

Membership Renewal

Maintaining your membership base is critical to the health of your association, so renewal should be as easy as possible. Boost retention with a painless process for your staff and members.

  • Renewal Notices and Reminders
  • Scheduled Invoices
  • Unique Renewal Process
  • Organizational Members Maintain Active Status

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Board of directors, committee management

Committee Management

Committees often include your most engaged members. They give of their time and volunteer beyond the expected amount, so let's improve their experience by making it easy for them to get involved while making it easier for your staff to manage them.

  • Track Past, Present, and Future Committee Members
  • Committee Level Document Access
  • One-Step Email Communication
  • Easily Set Terms
  • Committee Visibility in the Member Portal

Chapter & Section Management

Chapters and sections are about bringing members together based on common ground and interests. It should be a cinch for your members to join these groups (and for your staff to manage them).

  • Charge for Chapter or Section Membership
  • Manage and Track Chapters and Sections
  • Manage Chapter Dues
  • Set Specific Due Structures
  • Streamlined Chapter Renewal

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Membership Directories

With the quickly evolving technology landscape, your members expect an engaging and interactive experience more than ever. By offering your constituents Membership Directories through a seamless online interface, you’re creating a more valuable membership and a more connected, engaged community.

  • Foster a connected, inspired membership base
  • Help members level up their careers or hobbies
  • Configure your directory the way you want it
  • Enable secure messaging so members can easily reach out
  • Design your directory with various styling options