Sponsorship App

Diversify non-dues revenue by creating enticing sponsorship opportunities

Streamline workflows by automating the application process

Enhance communication with a clear system to keep records and important details

Configure the entire sponsorship journey to work in harmony from end to end

Create an experience that has your sponsors coming back year after year

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Sponsorship & Benefit Management

  • Diversify non-dues revenue by creating unique sponsorship opportunities using the power of configuration
  • Save time by configuring the application approval process. Set manual approval for restricted or high end opportunities, and set pre-approval for unlimited opportunities.
  • If needed, it’s easy for your staff to manually process sponsorships
  • Charge specific pricing for member and non-member organizations, creating an incentive for organizations to join
  • Set limits on the number of sponsorship opportunities available and offer a la carte options at an additional price
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Profile Notes for Recordkeeping

  • Track any additional discounts or benefits offered to the constituent to keep clear records year after year
  • Anyone can view important details and gain context about a sponsorship history, making it easier to delegate sponsorship tasks or hand over responsibilities
  • Save time and hassle with clear, accessible records that everyone can see. This eliminates miscommunications and provides a written record of events

Integration between Rhythm Apps

  • Sync your data between apps to analyze sponsorship trends to inform future sponsorship offerings
  • When your sponsors update company information during registration, that information will sync with the CRM, keeping their profile up-to-date. Do your sponsorship packages include free event registration? No problem. Because the Sponsorship app works with the Events app, that registration is created automatically
  • If a sponsorship package comes with digital items, your sponsors will be granted access instantaneously after their purchase

Ready to create desirable sponsorship opportunities for your customers?

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