sponsorship management

Diversify non-dues revenue by creating irresistible sponsorship opportunities

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Create an experience that has your sponsors coming back year after year



Streamline workflows by automating the application process.


Manually add benefits and discounts a la carte in the console.


Configure the sponsorship journey to work in harmony from end to end.

Customize and configure sponsorships to fit your needs.

Sponsorship 360

Sponsorship + Benefit Management

Sponsorships are unique. They’re tailored to membership type, budget, and so much more. That’s why it should be easy for you to customize your sponsorship opportunities.

  • Custom CSS
  • Unique Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Pre-Approval and Manual Approval
  • Manually Process Sponsorships
  • Members and Non-Member Pricing
  • Limit Sponsorship Opportunities
  • A La Carte Options

Integration Between Rhythm Apps

Give members instant access to their benefits after purchase, and let the system keep their profile and sponsorship history updated for you. Integrated apps mean everything is working together to make your job easier.

  • Analyze Sponsorship Trends
  • Sync Info Across Apps
  • Sponsorship and Events App Integration
  • Instant Access to Digital Items
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Optional Benefits

  • Group a set of benefits
  • Enable sponsored benefits (water bottles, wifi, cookies, etc)
  • Set minimum and maximum quantities for each opportunity