Data + Analytics

Reliable data is key to engaging and growing your member base

Provide a seamless customer experience by accessing the information you need right away

Up your marketing game by creating segmented lists for your email marketing campaigns

Analyze and visualize your association’s trends to make data-driven decisions

See how data can help you build a more delightful experience

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Universal Search

  • Find specific records with just a few clicks, accessing the info you need quickly and easily
  • Multi-criteria search within any app for more narrowed searches
  • Save time by using recent searches to jump back to a previous record
  • Provide a better, faster experience when members call with a question about their account


  • Generate lists of things quickly and easily on any number of criteria
  • Export or share lists with team members in seconds, giving them the information they need
  • See a sample of your report before finalization using the query preview so that you can make any necessary changes before executing it
  • Use queries to generate email lists and send targeted marketing content, creating a personalized experience
  • Create more consistent communication based on member needs and involvement in the association




  • Aggregate and analyze your data to spot key trends so you can make data-informed decisions for your organization
  • Create visualizations to understand the health of your organization at a glance with the ability to share them with your board if you need to
  • Schedule automatic delivery of reports to staff, chapter, or section members

Data Warehousing

  • Run SQL directly against your personal data warehouse using ODBC to analyze your data on a deeper level
  • Connect the BI or analytics tool of your choice from Tableau to Excel
  • Does the weather affect event attendance? Upload your own datasets to join with your AMS data

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