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See how data can help you build a more delightful experience



Provide a seamless member experience by accessing the information you need right away.


Track performance and target specific members by creating tailored, segmented lists.


Analyze and visualize your association’s trends to make data-driven decisions.

Reliable data is key to engaging and growing your member base. Use Rhythm's suite of data + analytics tools to get actionable insights for what’s next.

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Universal Search

When you need access to information on the fly, Universal Search has got your back. Find specific records with just a few clicks.

  • Find Specific Records
  • Multi-Criteria Search
  • Recently Viewed Records



Generate lists of information using specific criteria with Queries. Whether you’re looking for the latest member renewals, event registrations, or financial transactions, Queries can help.

  • Export and Share Lists
  • Query Preview
  • Generate Segmented Lists
  • Enhance Communication Based On Member Needs and Involvement


Event dashboard


When you make organizational decisions, you want to be sure they’re objective - and accurate. That’s why Rhythm’s reporting features help you pull data that you can understand and trust.

  • Aggregate and Analyze Data
  • Spot Key Trends
  • Visualize Organizational Health
  • Schedule Automatic Delivery of Reports


Feature Highlight

Schedule Delivery of Reports and Queries

  • Set specific delivery times and date ranges
  • Schedule queries to arrive in intervals (ex: every two weeks)
  • Send query results to specific people and lists
  • Recipients don’t have to be contact records to receive queries, so you can deliver to vendors and external contacts
Query Delivery