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Everyone benefits from a thriving career center


Membership Value

Offer a single place for members to search and apply for new opportunities.

Establish Reputation

Establish your association as a source of high-quality job applicants.

Generate Revenue

Generate non-dues revenue through selling customizeable job packages.

Help members grow into new opportunities and establish your association as a source of high quality candidates.

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Configurable Career Center

Whether you’re migrating an existing career center into Rhythm or starting from scratch, you’ll have the flexibility to make it what you need it to be.

  • Build a custom job posting process
  • Create custom fields and forms
  • Craft tailored, automated email correspondence

Employer Access

Self-service options and intuitive portal design allow employers to make necessary changes on their own, so your staff can spend their time on other projects.

  • Purchase job packs
  • View, edit, or close existing listings
  • Enable online job applications


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Member Benefits

Elevate your members’ experience by offering them a single place to search, view, and apply for jobs.

  • Search existing listings using available criteria
  • View listing details
  • Apply directly in the portal if the option has been enabled