Be a shining resource for members and build industry credibility with a strategic document management system

Cut out unnecessary work by automating document access preferences, giving members immediate access to their files

Keep association-wide documents in a single, secure place where everyone who needs them has the correct access

Let members download and view their documents in the portal, cutting down the time staff spends on customer support

Unlock new ways to deliver a great member experience

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  • Automate what you need to by configuring document access based on specific criteria. Grant automatic access to certain files based on a member’s type, involvement, or a particular purchase they make
  • Save time and resources by using automation to reduce the amount of time staff spends on repetitive tasks
  • Control access through setting expiration dates for specific files, keeping documents secure and in the right hands
  • If you have a special scenario that your automation hasn’t accounted for, no sweat! Staff can manually grant file access to members in the console

File Cabinets, Folders, and Files

  • File Cabinets and Folders are how documents are organized in Rhythm. Add as many of either as you like to create an organized system that works for you and your team
  • Keep documents secure by storing them in the Documents App and moderating access as needed
  • Build event-specific filing cabinets to help members organize and track their documents by occasion
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Digital Library in the Member Portal

  • When members log into the portal, they will be able to see and manage all of their documents in the Digital Library
  • Members can quickly navigate to whatever file they need through a user-friendly interface
  • Give your members a seamless, intuitive document access experience and simultaneously cut the time your staff spends on support calls
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