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Meet members’ high expectations with custom styling, tailored content, and a delightful user experience



Enjoy a completely customizable member portal that’s fully integrated with Rhythm’s CMS.

No-Cost Changes

Want to do things your way? Make changes on your own without spending money.

Unique Microsites

Create your own custom microsites for events or programs to drive awareness.

Membership should be all about the benefits, not about the hassle. Give your members the online experience they deserve.

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Custom Styling and Design

First impressions matter. Use a host of styling options to make your member portal reflect your association’s unique voice and tone. You’re never locked in, so you can make changes over time as your association grows.

  • Mobile Responsive
  • Custom CSS
  • Support for HTML and Javascript
  • Page Templates
  • Support for Adobe and Google Fonts
  • Configurable Menu


With Rhythm, you’re in full control of what is included in your portal. Instead of waiting for someone else, you can make quick and easy updates on your own.

  • Drag and Drop Components
  • Support for Images and Video
  • Custom HTML
  • Automated Pages
  • Create Pages from Scratch


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Level Up with Microsites

  • Create a website dedicated to a specific program or initiative
  • Customize your microsite with a look and feel of its own
  • Use Rhythm’s built-in portal components to support forms and profiles
  • Craft a unique website for your events with support for registration, sponsors, exhibits, speakers, and more