Certification Management

Be a shining resource for education in your industry

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Orchestrate your education processes

Online Interface

Ditch the paper. Take your certification program online with digital applications, review, and renewal processes.

Exam Registration

Take the pain out of the certification journey by promoting simplified course and exam registration with easy access to results.

Credit Tracking

Empower candidates and certified individuals to easily keep track of their activities and credits to earn or maintain certification.

Your members are on a journey to learn more. You can help them get there.

Application Starter Form

Certification Programs + Applications

Help your members level-up their expertise and establish your association as a trusted resource in your industry.

  • Multi-Step, Smart Forms
  • Configurable Certification Processes
  • Pre-Requisite Requirements
  • Configurable Rule Sets to Match Expiration Requirements


When an exam is required as part of the certification process, you want to make it easy for members to find, register and prepare for the big test.

  • Standalone Exams
  • Exam Catalogue
  • Integrated Exam Registration in the Application Process
  • Exam Dates and Locations
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With a system designed to help members log all of their activities, Rhythm will help enhance visibility into the types of certifications each person is eligible for.

  • Configurable, Trackable Activity Types
  • Integrated Activity Reporting in the Certification Application Process
  • Standalone Reporting Process


Feature Highlight

Configurable Processes

  • Dictate Certification Requirements
  • Enable Course and Exam Registration
  • Configurable Application Process
  • Set Fees, Expiration Rules, and Requirements
Certification requirements
Feature Highlight

Certification Directories

  • Let members search for other certified individuals
  • The messaging option helps members connect and share information
  • Select the fields of criteria members can use in the console
  • Configure the directory to match your association’s branding