Certification Management

Be a shining resource for education in your industry without all of the hassle

Ditch the paper. Take your certification program online with digital applications, review, and renewal processes

Take the pain out of the certification journey by promoting simplified course and exam registration with easy access to results

Empower candidates and certified individuals to easily keep track of their activities and credits to earn or maintain certification

Easily orchestrate your education processes

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Certification Programs & Applications

  • Promote a variety of certification offerings with the ability to create unique processes for new applicants, renewals, and reinstatements
  • Tailor requirements for each of your certification programs with prerequisites such as credits, courses, and exams
  • Do you have different expiration rules for each certification program? No problem, you can set specific parameters within each 
  • Collect all of the information you need during the application process with fully configurable forms and the ability to upload necessary files
  • Tune the application review process to your organization’s specific needs with the ability to prompt a staff review, audit, or approval


  • Allow candidates to browse a list of exam opportunities with the option to search by title, date, and location
  • Whether your exams are hosted in-person or offered online, you can configure any number of locations to meet your organization’s needs
  • You can collect more than just information with an exam application, you can collect fees as well - even offering special discounts when applicable
  • Streamline exam scoring by using configuration rules that will instruct the system to automatically mark an exam as passed or failed


  • Offer an assortment of training courses for your certification applicants. Provide all the information they need such as a course description, date and time, as well as the location
  • Create profiles for your training instructors and associate them with the courses they lead, making it easier for you to track them and learners to find them
  • Offer multiple ways for your applicants to learn with in-person, virtual, and on-demand courses
  • Speaking of virtual courses, take advantage of our out of the box integration with Zoom to streamline registration and webinar access
  • Do you offer training courses at events? You can tie them to the appropriate sessions and charge any related fees while keeping track of attendance

Activities & Credits

  • If your learners receive credits from the courses you offer, you can configure the system to automatically award them the necessary number of credits
  • When individuals earn credits through events or courses offered outside of your organization, they have the ability to report them. Your staff can review and approve these credits
  • At any point, your certified professionals can log in to the online portal to keep track of their credits and activities

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