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Give your members a way to represent your association

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Apparel store with laptop on table
Rhythm online store with blue hat

Get your gear to the right place


Promote shopping from any device with an intuitive, mobile-friendly online store.


Let the system auto-calculate shipping prices and taxes, so you don’t have to.


Offer multiple custom product modifiers and variants, like inscriptions, colors, and sizes.

Increase non-dues revenue and give members the merchandise they've been hoping for.

Online Store

Online Storefront

Give members an easy way to purchase their favorite products and represent your organization

  • Intuitive, Responsive Design
  • Saved Payment Methods
  • Refunds
  • Cancellations
  • Returns
  • Personalized Products
  • Product Specific Confirmation Emails


Inventory and Fulfillment

You need a way to track all the moving pieces when it comes to managing your inventory. Rhythm offers a host of features to help you keep things running smoothly.

  • Trackable Merchandise
  • Inventory & Stock Management
  • SKU Inventory
  • Shipping Status


Orders & Inventory - 1-1
Discounting options in Rhythm
Feature Highlight

Special Coupon Codes

  • Discount merchandise with special pricing, including member and non-member prices
  • Offer a simple coupon for specific merchandise
  • Allow organizations to buy a pass for all of their members to register for an event
  • Offer ultra-targeted discounts at scale