Data Migration

It all starts with a deep understanding of your association, your business processes, and how your data support them. We’ll look at where it’s stored, its hygiene and complexity, and how to best migrate it from your current system to Rhythm. Once we agree upon the data mapping, we can plan out the next steps in the process.

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All of your data in all of the right places

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    Data Migration Plan + Review

    We know that your data is the lifeblood of your association, so we make the process manageable for you. Our team will analyze your data and create a migration plan accordingly, then work with you to make sure we’re all on the same page prior to the initial data import.

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    App-by-App Data Checklists

    Data migration is a partnership, which is why we’ll provide you with detailed data checklists for each Rhythm app. Before we migrate your data over to Rhythm, you’ll have the chance to double-check everything is in the right place.

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    Final Data Import

    Since your staff and members are still active in your legacy system from the start of implementation to go-live, we do a final data import at the end to ensure everything makes it over to the new system and nothing is left behind.