Engage attendees at every step of the journey, from registration to check-out

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Level-up your events

Event Microsites

Boost attendance and engagement with a mobile-friendly event microsite and registration process.

Group Registration

Clear the way for group coordinators by giving them the power to register their team and manage agendas.


Support your large conferences with breakout sessions, session sign-up,  special pricing, and eligibility rules.

Give attendees a great experience with tailored registration forms, membership and ticketed session purchase options, and special pricing deals.


Event Setup and Management

Rhythm’s event setup capabilities are configurable, flexible, and able to serve your association’s unique needs and processes. Everyone does things differently, so we built a system that can be tailored to you.

  • Microsites
  • Standalone Pages
  • Flexible Setup Process
  • Customizable Registration Forms
  • Configurable Registration Packages
  • Special Pricing and Discount Codes

Attendee Experience

With any event, the attendee experience should be as seamless as possible. We believe that your tech should never make it difficult for someone to sign up for an event they’re excited about.

  • Auto-Filled Forms
  • One-Click Payment
  • Membership Purchases with Event Registration
  • Attendee-Managed Agendas
  • Group Registration
Rhythm Event Microsites
Feature Highlight


  • Create a custom, branded website for your event
  • Add internal pages or link to external sources
  • Tailor the menu to include the most relevant information for users
  • Add predefined components or build out your own
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Group Registration

  • Register multiple event attendees at once
  • Save time by paying for everything in one transaction
  • Easily make registration edits or substitutions
  • Set up tiered pricing to encourage larger groups
  • Enable automatic confirmation emails
Rhythm Events - Group Registration
Rhythm Attendee Directories
feature highlight

Event Registrant Lists

  • Configurable, HTML-based event registrant lists in the portal
  • Select which fields of information are displayed on attendee records
  • Select the fields of criteria members can use to search
  • Configure the directory to match your association’s branding