Event Management

Create an engaging event experience from the day registration opens until the last attendee checks out

Boost attendance and engagement with a mobile-friendly event microsite and registration process

Clear the way for group coordinators by giving them the power to register their team and manage agendas

Make it a no-brainer for exhibitors to invest in your event with simple registration and management processes

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Event Setup & Management

  • Build the framework for your event with fundamental information like its title, description, and date
  • Configure registration packages for both individuals and groups. Here you can specify types, prices, deadlines, and form information
  • Market your event with a microsite. Using our CMS, you can promote your event’s sessions, speakers, exhibitors, and extracurricular functions with data pulled directly from Rhythm
Event Setup Management _NEW

Attendee Experience

  • Registration has never been easier with auto-filled forms. If your members register for an event, information from their member profiles will prepopulate the form for them. When they’re done registering, they can pay with one-click using saved credit card information.
  • Get your attendees excited for the event by allowing them to manage their agendas. They can fill their calendar with sessions and special events from both their desktop and their mobile device. They can even share it with other attendees
  • Are your attendees registering as a group? No problem. A group coordinator can effortlessly register attendees, swap out names, and manage group agendas
Rhythm event registration on desktop and mobile

Speaker Management

  • Prospective speakers can submit, review, and update their abstracts with ease. After submission, they can kick back and wait to be notified of any status changes or they can check the progress themselves
  • Your team can assemble a remarkable group of speakers by reviewing abstracts, giving feedback, and approving entries for sessions that your attendees will love. Assign abstract submissions to related session types, tracks, and audiences as necessary
  • Help your speakers promote their sessions ahead of the event by using social sharing buttons to drive registration and attendance

Exhibitor Management

  • Generate exhibitor interest long before your event by allowing exhibitors to pre-register for booth selection. Automate a reminder at registration time
  • Keep track of your priority exhibitors and allow them preferential registration based on your criteria
  • Allow exhibiting coordinators to register and manage their team directly from the portal
  • Use configurable, interactive show floor maps so exhibitors can select their booth space in real-time
Exposition hall with booths available for selection

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