Courses that wow your members

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Retrofit every course offering to fit your members’ needs

Course Catalog

Build out your course catalog with different offerings, locations, and types of courses.

Course Registration

Enjoy a configurable, standalone online course registration process that lets you collect tailored, relevant details.

Zoom Integration

Use the Zoom integration to meet members where they are and host educational, engaging courses online.

With almost endless customization options, you can offer the courses your members have been asking for.

Course Offering 360


Bring even more value to your membership with educational courses. Whether it’s in-person, hybrid, or virtual, you can find a system that works for everyone.

  • Training Courses
  • In-Person, Virtual, and On-Demand Courses
  • Zoom Integration
  • Tie Courses to Events
  • Instructor Profiles
  • Generate Roster and Schedule Delivery to Instructors

Activities + Credits

There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to tracking activities and credits. With self-service portal features, a credit calculator, and a host of other features, you can trust Rhythm to keep the beat.

  • Auto-Calculate Credits
  • Self-Report Activities in the Portal
  • Allow Staff to Approve or Deny Credits
  • Track Credits and Activities
Feature Highlight

Activity Submission

  • Submit activities in the portal from outside the association
  • Track where, when, and how many credits were earned
  • Upload supporting documents or certificates
  • Auto-calculate the number of credits to issue
  • Give members the ability to self-report their activities