Exhibit management

Build a best-in-class exhibitor experience

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Give vendors options they can get excited about in an organized, trackable way


Create custom offerings based on space, layout, and budget - and upload your own floor plan.

Intuitive Registration

Exhibitors will enjoy visibility into booth size, type, fees, and any included registrations, all in one place.

Priority Points

Incentivize exhibitors to attend your events year after year with configurable priority point assignment rules.

Configure Your Expo Hall

Give users all the information they need to make an informed decision when purchasing their booth. With customizable offerings and a comprehensive registration form builder, you can build your best event yet.

  • Customize booth size and type offerings
  • Include fees associated with each booth
  • Upload your own floor map
  • Create a tailored, comprehensive registration form
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Offer Exhibitors an Intuitive Registration Experience

An intuitive and modern interface creates a no-hassle registration experience for your exhibitors. They can easily select their booth with visibility into the associated fees and included registrations, and select any additional purchases - all in one swift checkout process.

  • Exhibitors can select booth size or type and see any associated fees
  • Users can view how many registrations are included with each booth
  • Hold time ensures urgency
  • Allow purchase of add-ons
  • Keep track of your exhibitor contacts

Prioritize Repeat Exhibitors with Points

Priority points dictate who gets first pick on the best booths. They are fully configurable in the portal, so you can decide exactly how you want to assign them. Maybe it’s consecutive years of attendance, setup time compliance, or a mixture of multiple criteria - any way you choose, you’ll enjoy fine-tuned control.

  • Configure how points are assigned in the console
  • Incentivize exhibitors to return year after year
  • Prioritize exhibitors with the first pick of booths and other opportunities
Manage Priority Point Types
Restriction Rules