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Keep your database organized so you can focus on what actually matters

Profile Overviews

Key information should be accessible at a glance. With profile overviews, you can view the history, contact info, membership status, and more of any given record. All the important details, all in one place.

Custom Role Permissions

With Rhythm, you can define contact roles so that everyone has the access they need. With a fine-tuned way to manage your contact roles and permissions, organizations can manage themselves without the hassle of reaching out to your staff.

Database Health

Save time and money (and prevent constituent headaches) with a systematic way to update information and maintain order in your database.

Key Information

Collect, sort, and view key information with custom processes designed to fit your association. Fine tune your forms to get tailored and relevant information, then manage and store responses in an organized and methodical way.

  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Forms
  • Social Logins
  • Address Lookup
  • Domain Matching
CRM Profile with address information
Create a custom field

Record Management

Get the most important information about your constituents quickly with a clean profile layout. Enjoy streamlined access to important details with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface — and say goodbye to those frantic and frustrating searches.

  • Configurable Record Profile
  • Link Contacts and Organizations
  • Universal Search
  • Activity Timeline
  • Messaging
  • Internal Contact Record Alerts
  • Contact Role Compliance

Data Hygiene

With an up-to-date and accurate database, you’ll give members a more consistent experience. Let Rhythm do some of the heavy lifting for you with a host of proactive data hygiene measures.

  • Duplicate Prevention
  • Duplicate Detection
  • Contact Merging
  • Organizational Merging
Manage duplicate records