Contacts and Organizations (CRM)

Keep your database organized so you can focus on what actually matters

Get to know your constituents better by taking advantage of information already in the cloud

Find everything you need to know about a contact in a single place with important details ready at a glance

Save time and money while preventing constituent headaches with a database that cleans up after itself

A CRM you can actually get excited about

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Smart CRM

  • Enrich contact profiles by automatically populating public data from their social profiles
  • Toss out your old-school directories because looking up addresses just got a lot easier. With address auto-complete, locate constituent addresses in real-time
  • Get a complete look at your constituents by detecting when they may be related to a company or organization based off of their email domain
  • Do you have corporate accounts with related contacts? Keep addresses and phone numbers up-to-date by autopopulating changes from the corporate account to the contact
  • Take the manual processes out of role assignment. Organizations will be prompted to designate contact roles whenever they fall out of compliance

Profile Details

  • Get the most important information about your constituents quickly with a clean profile layout
  • Details matter. See how each of your constituents interact with your association with quick tags where you can find more detailed information
  • Get up to speed quickly on your constituents with their activity timeline. Every interaction, from AMS activity to contact logs, is displayed in a single place
  • Store information that’s important specifically to your association with custom fields

Data Hygiene

  • Take the work out of finding duplicates. With automatic duplicate detection, the CRM will notify you if the record you’re looking at is a potential duplicate
  • Don’t waste time on combining information from separate records. Merge multiple records at once, selecting information from each to keep
  • Keep your rolodex tidy by attributing address and phone details from organizations to related contacts

Association management, simplified

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