Give your members (and yourself) peace of mind by protecting association data through access restrictions

Manage access to your association’s data and business processes through user roles and policies

Control access for temporary staff and volunteers by creating user policies with expiration dates

Secure your integrations by limiting third-party access to data and API actions

Users and Roles

  • Centralize user management with a connection to your organization’s user directory so you no longer have to manually create or disable users
  • Keep imposters out of your data by enabling two-factor authentication when your users log in
  • Activate volunteers without exposing sensitive information by using expiring credentials and limited access policies
  • Personalize staff visibility with built-in user policies or create your own for granular, fine-tuned access control
  • Whether your association has a unicorn that wears many hats or a department for everything, we’ve got you. Create roles to match your organization’s unique structure
Two Step Authentication screen on desktop computer

API & Integration Policies

  • Connect with your favorite integration partners and custom applications by creating API users with the ability to delete them if needed
  • There’s just some information you’d rather keep private. Protect your data by specifying which records and fields you allow your third-party partners to see
  • Don’t give your partners access to your entire AMS. Define what functions each integration can perform with API policies
API Policy screen on laptop

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