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Leverage the power of Path LMS + Rhythm AMS to deliver a seamless learning experience to your members

Path LMS
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Path LMS™ by Blue Sky eLearn is an award-winning platform that enables associations to create, manage, and sell online courses and events that help professionals achieve their learning goals. Robust yet easy to use, Path LMS empowers associations to create customizable learning experiences that are engaging, flexible, and meaningful for their members.

Supported by a full suite of services, including virtual event and instructional design solutions, Path LMS combines everything organizations need for end-to-end eLearning and education program success, from production and delivery to optimization and support.


Course Management & Creation
Design and manage custom learning programs in Path LMS using a convenient drag-and-drop interface. Develop an unlimited number of engaging interactive courses with multiple content types, including video presentations with automatically generated captions.

Credits & Certificates
Reward learner accomplishments by issuing certificates and credits for completing courses and course items. Create sophisticated educational experiences with complex credit scenarios, flexible attendance monitoring with content prompts, and multiple credit types (CLE, CME, and more).

Generate non-dues revenue from your eLearning offerings by selling content using a secure, built-in shopping cart that integrates with third-party payment gateways. Control your offerings with coupon codes and member group pricing options.

In addition to a seamless integration with Rhythm AMS, Path LMS integrates with dozens of additional critical member-based organization systems like event platforms, badging and accreditation systems, community platforms, and other continuing education tools.

Take a look at a full list of Path LMS features here.

Shared Data

Information Shared from Rhythm >
Contact: ID, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Demographic Data, Membership Data
Course Registration: Product ID, Event ID
Events: ID, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Contact ID, Event ID, Order ID
Order: ID, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Contact ID, Order ID, Product ID
Information Shared to Rhythm <
User Activity Date Triggers: Event Registration, Event Attendance, Assessment Passed, Certificate of Completion, Course Completion
Activity Payload: ID, Type, Contact ID, Date, Details, Credit Type, Credit Quantity


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