AWS EventBridge

AWS EventBridge

Take action with your data through the Rhythm + AWS EventBridge integration

AWS EventBridge


AWS EventBridge allows your association to take action based on your data hosted in Rhythm. With an AWS EventBridge account, you can choose what actions to subscribe to in Rhythm and deliver a stream of real-time data.


Take Action

For the tech-savvy association, you can now subscribe to actions (or instances of data) within Rhythm and watch as they get automatically sent over to your AWS EventBridge account. Then, you can use the data to take action in any way you want – send push notifications, archive it, or upload it into other applications. 

Integration Building 

Think of the AWS EventBridge plugin as a built-in push mechanism. Now, when events occur within Rhythm, you can subscribe to the ones you need and watch as they automatically get pushed over to your AWS account in real-time – making custom integration building and developing that much easier.

Shared Data

Information Shared from Rhythm >
Dependent on the events you subscribe to within Rhythm

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