Higher Logic Thrive Communities

Higher Logic Thrive Communities

Upgrade your communities with the Rhythm + Higher Logic Thrive Communities integration.

Higher Logic Thrive Communities


Higher Logic is an industry leader in cloud-based engagement platforms. Our data-driven approach gives organizations an expanded suite of engagement capabilities, including online communities and marketing automation. From the initial web visit to renewal and ongoing engagement, we help you track and manage interactions along each stage of the digital customer experience.

Organizations worldwide use Higher Logic to bring people all together, by giving their community a home where they can interact, share ideas, answer questions, and stay connected. Everything we do - the tools and features in our software, our services, partnerships, best practices - drives our ultimate goal of making your organization successful.


Foster Engagement

With Higher Logic communities, you and your members can now collaborate in a dedicated, branded, virtual space. Now, your members have a community to become a reference or mento, designate themselves as a subject-matter expert, or provide feedback. Power users to connect with each other and find brand advocates when you need them. 

Tailored Experience 

With microsites, robust nesting structures, and target messages – it’s easier than ever to create a tailored experience for each community. Use rules-based automation and built-in best practices to tailor content to users based on their community activities. 

Automatic Access

With the Rhythm + Higher Logic Communities Integration, your members get immediate access to the communities that they should belong to. Whether it’s based on demographics, event registration, committee involvement, or more – your members will be added to the communities that are meaningful to them.

Shared Data


Information Shared from Rhythm >

Contact: Salutation, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix, Nickname, Gender Identity, Race Ethnicity, Date of Birth, Status, Job Title, Image Url, Email Address, Home Phone Number, Work Phone Number, Fax Phone Number, School Phone Number, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Preferred Address, Roles
Organization: Name, Status, Logo Url, Main Phone Number, Fax Phone Number, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Address, Type Name
Membership: Join Date, Renewal Date, Reinstatement Date, Expiration Date, Termination Date, Status, Chapters, Sections
Chapter: Name, ID, External ID
Section: Name, ID, External ID
Committee Membership: Start Date, End Date, Committee
Committee: Name, External ID
Event: ID, Name, Description, Type Name, Start Date, End Date, Timezone, Visible In Portal
Event Registration: Created at, Event Name, Status
User-Selected Contact Demographics and User Selected Organization Demographics


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