Build personalized and engaging email marketing campaigns with the Rhythm + Mailchimp integration.



Mailchimp is a leading all-in-one marketing platform providing organizations with powerful tools to engage with customers.

Mailchimp makes it easy for organizations of all sizes to create engaging and effective email marketing campaigns. 


Personalized Email Campaigns

Use Mailchimp’s pre-built templates or drag-and-drop designer to create beautiful and personalized email campaigns, no matter your SQL knowledge or whether you have a marketer on staff.

Engage More Members

Using the power of the Rhythm Query Engine, you can segment your member data to create engaging member emails based on whatever fields make sense for your campaign. 

Clear Visbility

See how your members engage with emails with click-through rates, bounce backs, open rates – and more. Now, you can make decisions based on the data from previous campaigns to identify the next steps.

Shared Data

Information Shared from Rhythm >
Contact: Email Address
All user-selected fields

Deliver a member experience that really stands out