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Create Meaningful Member Marketing Campaigns With the Rhythm + Mailchimp Integration

Create Meaningful Member Marketing Campaigns With the Rhythm + Mailchimp Integration

Your association is powered by your mission – and members join because they relate to that mission, too. Your why is often their why. That’s the reason they join and engage with your association – because they feel a personal connection to the causes you support, the work you do to further your community, and the mission you uphold. 

It only makes sense that they expect personalized communication from your association. From emails, marketing campaigns, or even the 1:1 conversations between you and your members – they want to feel a personalized connection through every form of outreach. 

With the Rhythm + Mailchimp integration, it’s easier than ever to build engaging and personalized email marketing campaigns harnessing the power of Rhythm's query engine – no matter the level of marketing or SQL expertise on your team.  


Engage your members with personalized email marketing campaigns through the Rhythm + Mailchimp integration. 


Mailchimp is a brand that many associations know and love – it’s affordable and easy to use, so we’re excited to offer this integration.

Your AMS holds a lot of data on your members – from simple things like their contact information to deeper data like how they interact with your association, what events they are attending, or even if they are certified or accredited through your organization. It should be easy to harness that data and use it to build engaging and visually appealing email marketing campaigns.

With the Mailchimp integration, your staff can take advantage of Rhythm’s easy-to-use query tool to pull data from your AMS. Using the fields in Rhythm, you can build segmented lists (or suppression lists) and choose which queries are sent over to Mailchimp to build out targeted email campaigns. 

Here’s an overview of how the Rhythm + Mailchimp Integration streamlines the creation of targeted email marketing campaigns: 

  • Provide your staff with the tools to create engaging and personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Harness the data hosted in your AMS to build email lists with the Rhythm Query engine
  • Gain clear visibility into the results of your campaigns directly in Rhythm
Engaging + Personalized Email Marketing Campaigns 


With Mailchimp, it’s easy to create beautifully designed emails – without having a graphic designer or marketer on staff. Use the drag-and-drop editor or pre-designed email templates to create engaging and personalized emails for your members.  

Using the power of the data hosted in Rhythm, it’s easy to engage your members based on what matters most to them. Build queries based on contact filters and use those lists to build timely marketing campaigns. Whether you want to build a campaign for registrants for your upcoming event, newly signed up members, or members who are set to renew their membership in the next 6 months, watch as they get automatically sent over to Mailchimp, with one less step to pull information from your AMS and upload it to your email marketing tool. Use the power of Mailchimp to add personalization tokens based on the information pulled from Rhythm to make each email feel like one-on-one communication from your team. 

Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about keeping your marketing contacts up to date. When sending a list over to Mailchimp, you’re able to designate whether or not it should be a suppression list. If a contact of one list is already on a suppression list within Rhythm, they will be automatically excluded from the next list that is sent over to Mailchimp. If a member unsubscribes from an email, that information is sent over and recorded inside Rhythm. 


Visibility Inside Rhythm

Learn from past email campaigns with results sent back to Rhythm. Navigate to a contact to view their email engagement – from click-throughs, to open rates or bouncebacks. Now, you can quickly view email marketing engagement within your AMS and use that information to build future campaigns or learn from current strategies.


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