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Product Updates

Automate Member Engagement With the Rhythm + ActiveCampaign Integration

Automate Member Engagement With the Rhythm + ActiveCampaign Integration

Your organization thrives on meaningful connections with its members, and they expect personalized communication tailored to their interests and needs. Every email, marketing campaign, and one-on-one interaction should reinforce that connection.

With the Rhythm + ActiveCampaign integration, creating personalized and engaging email marketing campaigns is now simpler than ever. This integration leverages Rhythm’s robust query engine, enabling even those without extensive technical skills to design impactful marketing strategies.

Captivate your members with personalized email campaigns via the Rhythm + ActiveCampaign integration. 

ActiveCampaign is a leading platform in customer experience automation, known for its powerful email marketing and automation capabilities. By integrating ActiveCampaign with Rhythm, you can seamlessly synchronize member data, customize member engagement, and keep communication lists updated effortlessly.

Here’s how the Rhythm + ActiveCampaign Integration enhances the process of developing personalized email marketing campaigns:

  • Equip your staff with the resources needed to design engaging and personalized email marketing campaigns
  • Leverage the data in your AMS to generate and automatically send email lists using the Rhythm Query engine
  • View clear insights into your campaign performance directly within Rhythm
Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

Rhythm’s AMS holds a wealth of data on your members, from basic contact details to deeper insights like event participation, certifications, and more. The Rhythm + ActiveCampaign integration makes it easy to use this data to build targeted and visually appealing email marketing campaigns.

Using Rhythm’s advanced querying capabilities, you can create and manage lists that are automatically synced with ActiveCampaign. If someone's information changes, the lists are updated seamlessly to reflect the most recent data, automatically adding or removing individuals as needed. Plus, that information is automatically synced with ActiveCampaign, ensuring that all data is current and actionable.  

ActiveCampaign's user-friendly interface allows you to design engaging emails with ease, using drag-and-drop editors and pre-designed templates. Leverage the data pulled from Rhythm to build segmented lists and create highly personalized campaigns. Whether targeting new members, event registrants, or those nearing membership renewal, your campaigns will always feel like one-on-one communication.

Keep your marketing contacts up to date without manual intervention. Lists synced to ActiveCampaign are updated every hour, ensuring that any changes in your AMS are reflected in your marketing efforts. If a member unsubscribes, this information is automatically recorded in Rhythm.

Gain deeper insights into subscriber behavior and engagement with integrated reporting tools. Navigate through contact records in Rhythm to view their email engagement metrics, from click-throughs and open rates to bouncebacks. This visibility helps you refine future campaigns based on real-time data and learn from current strategies.

The Rhythm + ActiveCampaign integration is available now. To activate it, contact Rhythm Support or log a ticket in Zendesk.

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