Give your staff conversational superpowers with the Rhythm + PropFuel integration.



PropFuel is a SaaS platform helping associations turn broadcast communications into conversations. Organizations use PropFuel to engage individual members in two-way conversations, at scale. PropFuel associations see membership numbers rise, event attendance increase, and long-term member engagement success through simple conversations that drive meaningful action.


Conversation Starter

Start conversations between association staff and individual members, with a simple question to members (yes/no, multiple-choice, NPS, rating, or open text). Use the information captured directly from the voice of the member to inform the next action you take (such as an internal alert to a staff person, customized landing page, or data writeback to an AMS). 

Continued Engagement  

Association staff continues the conversation with individual members in the Conversational Inbox for ongoing engagement. 

Automation + Human Interaction

PropFuel’s conversational engagement platform combines automation with opportunities for human interaction, creating long-lasting relationships between association staff and members

Shared Data


A bi-directional push of data depending on what fields the customer chooses. 

Deliver a member experience that really stands out