5 Most Important Things to Ask Your Prospective AMS Provider

5 Most Important Things to Ask Your Prospective AMS Provider

Choosing the right AMS is crucial for the efficient operation and growth of your association. Whether upgrading from an existing system or adopting one for the first time, asking the right questions throughout the search process can make a vital difference in selecting the right partner. Below are five major categories to gather insights on, with some example questions to help you make an informed decision. 


12 Months Release History

Understanding the provider’s release history will give insight into their commitment to product development and improvement.

  • How frequently do you release updates and new features?
  • How do you gather feedback from current customers to inform future enhancements?
  • Can you provide a summary of features introduced in the last 12 months?
  • How do you keep customers informed on new features and updates to the system? 

A provider that regularly updates and enhances their system demonstrates responsiveness to user needs and adaptability to technological advancements. If there’s no evidence the potential provider has made important changes to their system in the past 12 months, they probably won’t be making any in the next 12 months either, and you might be looking at stagnant software. Having a provider that constantly innovates will allow your association to grow and evolve alongside it.


Customer Satisfaction Metrics

The insights of the provider’s current customers can provide transparency into how the AMS delivers quality service and support. 

  • How often do you measure customer satisfaction and how do you do it? 
  • Who is accountable for measuring customer satisfaction? 
  • Will I have a dedicated customer success manager? How often do you meet with your customers? 
  • Can you provide references or case studies from similar associations? 

Feedback from current customers can reveal the provider’s strengths and weaknesses in customer support, usability, and overall satisfaction. If a potential provider doesn’t have a rigorous process for collecting customer satisfaction metrics and responding to them, the happiness of their customers is most likely not a priority. 


API Documentation 

In today’s interconnected digital landscape, integrating your AMS with other systems is crucial for operational efficiency. 

  • Do you provide public and comprehensive API documentation? 
  • Do you have any current successful integrations with third-party applications? 
  • What support exists for developers?

Clear and accessible API documentation facilitates seamless integrations and ensures your AMS can adapt to future technological needs and advancements.


Data Migration Process

Smooth data migration is essential to minimize disruption during the AMS implementation.

  • What is the process for data migration from our current system?
  • How do you ensure data integrity and security during the migration process?
  • Will you do a final data import?
  • What happens if my team notices a discrepancy in the data?

A provider with a structured data migration process and experience handling similar migrations can help mitigate risks and ensure a successful transition to your new AMS.


Effective Implementation Management

Successful project management throughout implementation ensures your project stays on schedule and within budget. 

  • What is the handoff process after signing a contract and before starting implementation? 
  • How do you transfer the knowledge you learned about our processes and needs during sales to the project team?
  • What tool do you use for project management?
  • Do you have an example of an implementation project plan?
  • How have other associations balanced implementation with their day jobs

A provider with a proactive project management approach can anticipate and address challenges, maintain clear communication, and ultimately ensure a smooth and timely project. 

Selecting an AMS provider can be challenging - especially with so many options. Nonetheless, it’s a significant decision that impacts the efficiency and growth of your association. Asking about these five major categories will help you and your staff gain valuable insights into the provider’s capabilities, support, and alignment with your association’s goals. Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate these aspects should empower you to choose the right provider that supports your association’s long-term success.

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