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Encourage and Review More Proposals with a Systematic Approach to Abstract Management

Encourage and Review More Proposals with a Systematic Approach to Abstract Management

When you’re ready to take your events to the next level, you’ll likely want to start accepting abstracts for event sessions. Historically, the collection, organization, and review of these submissions has been a very tedious and time-consuming process. Any mistakes that are made along the way must be corrected manually, confusing the order of the established process.

When members have a frustrating experience trying to submit their abstracts, it doesn’t encourage those same people to continue submitting proposals in the future. That’s why members need an intuitive and easy-to-use form - and clear communication about what they can expect after submitting.

Long story short, it’s better for everyone when there is a systematic process to account for the entire journey - from abstract submission, to review, to integrating with the associated event and creating a new session.

Encourage and review more proposals with a systematic approach to Abstract Management

Thankfully, things don’t have to stay so difficult and confusing. With Rhythm’s Abstracts premium feature, you can:

  • Craft a custom abstract submission process
  • Design tailored feedback forms for reviewers to use
  • Sort submissions using various criteria
  • Save time with a seamless Events integration
Configurable Submission Process

We believe every association should have the flexibility to tailor their AMS. In line with that belief, Rhythm allows each event to have its own configurable abstract submission process. Say goodbye to asking members for abstracts via email or standalone forms - there’s a better, more integrated way.

Clear the way for members with auto-filled info for users with a CRM record, visibility into the review stages, and the ability to save their submission progress and return to it later.

Configurable Submission Process

User-Friendly Portal Review Process

Reviewers are often volunteers who have chosen to give you their time - which means you want to make the most of it. A review process can be set up in the console to allow individuals and committees to easily go online, view their assigned abstracts, and complete the review process.

Optimizing the process and cutting out manual work encourages people to volunteer year after year. Your people are your biggest resource, and you need a system that is intuitive and delightful for them to use. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a big difference.

Streamlined Abstract Approval

The abstracts functionality is seamlessly integrated with Rhythm’s Events app, so an abstract will immediately become a session for the associated event when it has been approved. All the information included in the original abstract submission will roll over as new session information. Instead of spending your time copying and pasting, you can get back to planning a great event.

When enabled in the console, applicants can receive a notification when their submission status is updated. This ensures nothing gets lost in the shuffle, and people get the information they need as soon as possible.

Streamlined approval

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