Product Updates

Product Updates

Add Membership Application Components to Event Registration or Certification Forms

Add Membership Application Components to Event Registration or Certification Forms

Your association thrives on bringing a community of like-minded individuals together, prompting them to join year after year to continue enjoying your membership's benefits. 

For many associations, your events or certification programs are huge membership drivers. It’s why you have member pricing to encourage constituents to join and why you have membership sign-up booths at events. 

If events or certification programs are where a large base of your constituents are engaging – it should be easy for them to add-on a membership during that process, too. 

That’s why we introduced the ability to add membership components to event registration or certification forms. Components are various aspects of the membership application process, such as selecting sections, chapters, or any other information that you'd like to gather during the member sign-up process.

Prompting constituents to join during event registration is nothing new. But, with this update, we added that ability to the certification application as well and expanded the capability to allow you to capture even more membership information during this process.

Now, it’s easier than ever for constituents to renew, reinstate, or join as a member, all inside of the form they are already filling out for event registration or certification application. 

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Introducing the ability to add membership components to event registration and certification application forms, allowing you to increase membership revenue while meeting your constituents where they’re already engaging.

With embedded membership applications, it’s easier than ever to engage new members, without them having to submit multiple forms or return later to join your organization. 

This new release has three major benefits for your organization and constituents: 

  • Increase membership revenue by embedding membership components in event and certification forms
  • Prompt constituents to fill out the membership information that’s important to you with the ability to include chapters, sections, or other information you need to collect 
  • Make it easier for constituents to join or renew in the process they are already engaging with 
All the power of Rhythm’s membership application processes, right inside your event registration or certification application 

A seamless and easy process in the member portal makes it easy for constituents to become members without jumping through hoops. 

However, it’s crucial that if a member opts to join during the event registration or certification application process, their membership journey aligns with your association's standard settings, approval procedures, or any specific questions that make up your unique process.

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That's why we've expanded our capabilities—to simplify the process for your staff and gather all necessary information regarding a membership purchase directly within event registration or certification applications. Prompt potential members to select chapters, sections, or any other membership components you want to collect. 

Plus, it follows any of the staff-side processes that you need to happen, like membership approval processes, confirmation emails, and invoices.  

The really cool part? If someone is already a member but up for renewal or lapsed and needs to reinstate their membership, they can do that here, too.

With our embedded membership form feature, the process is not only simplified but also more efficient. No more toggling between different forms or systems. Everything you need—from event registration and certification applications to membership management—is now conveniently consolidated into a single seamless experience.

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