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March 2023 Product Roundup

March 2023 Product Roundup

The Monthly Product Roundup is our opportunity to showcase the small (but mighty!) features we add to the platform on a monthly basis. For our customers, it’s a way to take a closer look at what’s happening behind the scenes at Rhythm – and to see what features we’ve optimized or added recently. 

Keep reading to see what kinds of product enhancements we added in March.

Key Enhancements


💡Send committee emails from the console 

Reach your committee members from right where all of your data about them lives. We added the ability to send committee emails directly inside of the platform – with a pre-populated list of all committee members and the ability to uncheck anyone who shouldn’t receive the email. 

Now you can send meeting reminder emails, minute notes from the last meeting, or share documents and other information straight from the committee record. Plus, being able to send emails to the committee members from inside of Rhythm tracks all of the correspondence you have inside of your AMS, and you can see tracking data like open and click rates.

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💡Deeper reporting on session tracks 

For associations with large events that have multiple sessions and types, we have session tracks to designate which sessions correspond to each other. Maybe some of your courses count towards a certification program – those can all be marked as the same track for ease of reporting and visibility. 

We added session tracks to abstract and session queries, so you’re dive deeper into them. Now, you can run a query to see the number of sessions in each track and build lists – send that data over to whoever is responsible for the track or venue planning.

💡Limit the number of function tickets one registrant can purchase 

Some functions are exclusive – and we get that. That’s why we created eligibility rules in Rhythm, so you can designate who is allowed to register for each function. 

We heard that you wanted to use Rhythm’s eligibility criteria functionality to be able to limit the number of tickets one registrant can purchase for each function (for all registrants or by registration type), so we added support for that, too! 

For current customers, this feature is available now and can be found on function setup. 


💡 Add a banner in the portal to call out upcoming auto-renewals 

Auto-renewals are meant to make membership renewal season easier – and more effective. But what happens when you’re fielding calls from members about when their renewal takes place and which card will be charged? 

We added a banner in the portal to reduce manual work for both your staff – and members. This call-out will prompt members that an upcoming renewal is coming + allow them to change the payment method if necessary! 



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