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January 2024 Product Roundup

January 2024 Product Roundup

The Monthly Product Roundup is here! This is a quick lineup of hotly requested enhancements we’ve made in the past month that we think you’d like to know about. 

For the start of the new year, we're all about streamlining processes and providing an easy and intuitive experience. You’re always striving to give your members an easier way to engage with your association, so we wanted to make sure that you had one, too. We’ve added a variety of new ways to streamline reporting, reset member passwords, and more - all so that you and your members can enjoy a more seamless, everyday experience with Rhythm.

Key Enhancements


💡Easily reset member passwords, right from the console 

Association staff should be able to easily help members reset their passwords without reaching out to Rhythm’s support team. 

Part of an intuitive and modern member portal experience is that nothing should slow your members down from logging in and interacting with your association. That’s why we removed a step in resetting passwords for your members. 

Now, if your members call or email you to have their password reset, you can quickly navigate to their contact 360 screen, click on the Security tab, and generate a reset password link to send via email to the user to reset their password. 

Note: This only applies to traditional username and password logins. Passwords for social logins, such as Google or LinkedIn, must be reset directly with the provider by the individual.  


💡Grant committee members access to create and manage committee documents in the portal

If you have a ton of committees, you know the struggle of keeping all meeting minutes, bylaws, amendments, and other supporting committee documents in one place. We’ve always had the ability to download and grant access to documents in your member portal, but we wanted to take it a step further. 

Now, when enabled, you can empower your committee members to manage their documents on their own – from uploading, downloading, folder creation, and document removal. If desired, you can allow all committee members access to managing documents, or you can allow access by role.  


💡Membership Revenue Report 

Your members are the pulse of your association, so easy and accurate reporting should be the pulse of your AMS. 

What happens when you combine the two? 

Introducing our new Membership Revenue report – an easy and detailed way to see exactly which membership-related offerings make up your overall membership revenue.

Then, you can drill in deeper to see which options are bringing in the most revenue, allowing you to plan data-driven membership campaigns based on what’s performing well or where you want to see more growth. 

Plus, you’re able to customize the report based on time periods to scope out which months perform the best, or if a recent campaign or event made a financial impact. 


💡Create copies of your console and portal for training and testing 

If you have a new staff member join your association and want to train them in Rhythm, you know how worried you can be about giving them immediate access to your console and portal. You have everything set up perfectly, but you still want them to be able to try things out – without affecting your processes or settings.

Or, maybe you want to try your hand at making some marketing changes to your portal, adding new pages, gating some of the content based on contact roles, or creating a new drop-down menu – but you want a safe place to try it out before committing.

That’s why we added the ability to create copies of the data in your console and portal, on your own. The really cool part? You’ll now have a full copy of your portal in the sandbox – meaning you can test configurations and settings on a sandbox version of your portal, too.

Whether you want to train a new staff member, test settings and processes, or just try something out before bringing it over to the real thing – the easy creation of sandbox consoles and portals makes it easier for your staff to do training and testing.

If you’re a current customer and want to give this a try – head to Home > System Administration > Provisioning > Create a new request in order to provision a new tenant.




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