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Connect Every Step of the Awards & Nominations Journey

Connect Every Step of the Awards & Nominations Journey

Historically, granting awards has been a disjointed, complex process for associations. Imagine collecting nominations with standalone web forms, manually migrating that data into a spreadsheet, and managing the review and awards process through email. Something about it probably doesn’t sit well with you…right? Maybe you’ve been through this, and you know how painful the experience can be. 

At Rhythm, we wanted to flip the status quo. Awards are a happy thing — they communicate value to members, allow your best and brightest to be recognized, and instill a sense of growth into the member community. That’s why it shouldn’t be hard to nominate, apply, review, and grant awards! The process should be as delightful as the end result. We’ve built a configurable, flexible Awards + Nominations app that can handle all your unique processes and requirements, all in one place. 

Connect Every Step of the Awards & Nominations Journey

The best part? “Awards” at Rhythm aren’t limited to a traditional approach — customers can use the app to elect, recognize, and award their members in a variety of ways. If you want to create a new committee, you can collect nominations and appoint new members based on custom criteria. If you’re looking for a more organized way to select Chapter leaders, host and manage every part of the elections within the app. Oh, and if your association awards any scholarships or grants — we can help with that, too.

Deliver a positive, meaningful experience by using Rhythm’s Awards + Nominations app for:

  • Scholarships
  • Elections
  • Competitions & Awards
  • Committees

Tailor Your Awards to Your Association’s Unique Offerings

At Rhythm, we have a bias towards configurability. No two associations are the same, and you should have access to in-product, no-code functionality to tailor the system based on your unique processes.

Within the Awards + Nominations app, you’ll be able to create various award types and categories, enjoy built-in application/nomination fields, and collect any additional information with custom fields.

Using Rhythm’s forms and process engines, you’ll have the power to build nomination forms and custom processes that are simple, straightforward, and comprehensive. The great news? Rhythm automates it all to save your staff time. Your association can leverage the nomination data, along with data that already exists in the CRM, to evaluate nominees and award the most qualified candidates.

Easy Setup

Empower Your Members to Submit Nominations and Applications Online - All in One Place

While nominations used to be completed via email, online survey tools, or paper documents, Rhythm streamlines the process into one central hub. Because Rhythm’s entire system is interconnected, forms will pre-populate with known data when a contact record already exists — allowing an easier, more accurate way to collect applications and nominations.

Manage in One Place
Request References without All the Hassle

Our integrated system is especially helpful when trying to collect and manage references. Applicants can easily send a link to references that will allow them to create an account and submit their portion. Instead of having a staff member keep track of all the different pieces, Rhythm will do it for you automatically!

Easy Portal Review Process

Soon, there will be even more to love! We're adding a portal review process so that your members' entire Awards journey can happen in a single place. Committee members can log in, view the award nominations or applications that have been assigned to them, and complete their reviews. 

You can expect plenty of configurability options, too! Add custom fields, design the approval process, and choose whether you’d like to bulk assign or hand-pick your reviewers. Plus, the version history of each review and application is kept within Rhythm — so you can easily keep track of important details.

Get the seamless, connected experience you deserve

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