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Keep Data Integrity Top of Mind with Bulk Update and Delete

Keep Data Integrity Top of Mind with Bulk Update and Delete

Data integrity is always top-of-mind for anyone who manages an association’s data. You have to track thousands of records including important contact information for your members, transaction history, committee assignments, and so much more. 

With so much data to manage, individually updating records can easily become a full-time job. 

We know you wanted a better way. 


Introducing Rhythm’s Bulk Update –an easier way to make bulk changes to your data 

Bulk Update takes the manual effort out of updating or deleting many records at once. Use the Bulk Update feature to: 

  • Keep your database up to date with bulk updates + deletes 
  • Update hundreds of records in minutes
  • Upload a spreadsheet of data to update within Rhythm 


Support for both simple and complex updates

Sometimes you want to make the same exact update to multiple records such as changing abstract statuses to denied. Simply select the Mass Update option from any Rhythm search or query,  choose which fields you want to update, and specify the new value to set it on all the records at once.

Other times, you want to make more complex updates to a group of records. You may need to update a field for hundreds of records, but the value shouldn’t be the same for each one. 

 Download the query results into Excel, modify the fields and records as you need, then upload the results to apply all the changes at once. For advanced changes, make dynamic bulk updates by ID, number, or a custom expression. 


Feel confident in your Bulk Updates using Previews and Confirmations

Before any Bulk Update is finalized, you are given an option to download a preview file. This preview shows you exactly what fields will change with the mass update and what the outcome will be. 

You can then decide if all the changes look exactly like you expected, and once you’re ready you can apply all the changes at once.

After any bulk action is complete, you can see how many records were updated, what was changed, if any were unchanged, and if there were any errors. If you would like to keep a record of the changes, simply download the results as a spreadsheet.

Bulk Update and Delete saves you time and is a convenient way to keep your data clean.  Data changes fast – but with Bulk Update and Delete, you’re now even faster.



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