Product Updates

Product Updates

May 2024 Product Roundup

May 2024 Product Roundup

They say small, daily choices create a substantial long-term impact.

At Rhythm, we embrace the same philosophy. We believe that smaller, frequent updates enable us to build a best-in-class product over time.

Our monthly roundup offers you a sneak peek at what’s new and showcases how we’re continually improving the product just for you!


Key Enhancements



No matter if you’re an international, national, or state-based association, you probably cater to different regions in the demographic that you serve. Whether it’s for member marketing campaigns, advocacy, or easier tracking and reporting, you usually want a way to denote which region a member or organization belongs to. 

For example, if your members are schools – you probably want to track which county or district they belong to. With geographic regions, it’s easier than ever to set your region assignment rules and sit back as they’re automatically added to the correct region. 

Historically, Rhythm users have been able to tie their members to regions by using custom fields, but this month we added formalized support for geographic regions. 

Now you can: 

  • Group contacts and organizations into regions based on their preferred address
  • Set up region assignment rules that indicate how contacts/organizations are placed into a region – by either their Country, State, or Postal Code
  • Sit back as contacts are automatically added to the correct region, and updated if their address changes
  • Regions will appear on all queries for easier reporting and tracking.

If you’re a current customer interested in turning on Geographic Regions, please reach out to our support team to enable it. 

 Geographic Regions



Your AMS is the source of truth for your association data, so that’s why it should be easy and intuitive to access information. Powerful and easy reporting has always been in our DNA, but this month it got even faster, too. 

The preview screen now updates more quickly during editing, and queries returning over 100,000 records execute in about half the time. This enhancement lets you enjoy the same ease of use and robustness of Rhythm queries with a 50% reduction in execution time.



Whether you want to diversify the organizations that purchase sponsorship opportunities, add some exclusivity to a product in your online store, or only allow individuals to purchase one of the annual publications – we’ve got you covered with the ability to enable purchase limits on products. 

Previously, you could set a maximum limit on the total quantity of a product available for purchase, but you couldn't restrict how many an individual or organization could buy. 

Now you can set purchase limits on the quantity an individual or organization can buy and within a given time frame.

Purchase limits can be enabled within the settings of any merchandise product in Rhythm. 




If you have large certification programs, you know how time-consuming it can be to track all of the moving parts. We’ve had an integration with Blue Sky Path LMS for a while now, but last month we added an exciting new feature. 

Now, when the completion data for a certification program is sent over to Rhythm through the integration, the certificate URL is sent over too – automatically generating a certificate for your constituent to celebrate their achievement and showcase their completion. 

For current customers using the Blue Sky Path LMS integration, you can activate this feature by heading to System & Security > Integrations > Blue Sky > Enable Certification Creation.





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