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Product Announcements from Rhythm's Spring Launch Event

Product Announcements from Rhythm's Spring Launch Event

Delighting the customer is our north star – always. When we set out to build anything new in Rhythm, we know that the feedback from our customers is integral in building out an AMS that you and your members love. 

If you were able to make it to Rhythm’s Spring Launch Event, then you might recognize some of these new features. Here’s the lowdown on everything new to Rhythm: 



Your organization relies on the generosity of your donors. And you need a platform that makes it easy for them to give, in whatever form they are able. From timely campaigns that rouse people to support to an emergency fund to in-kind donations, pledges, and recurring donations – it should be easy to collect funds and allocate them appropriately.

  • Set up multiple funds, and multiple merchant accounts to route donations directly to where they belong
  • Create a frictionless experience for donors to give with public giving pages
  • Accept a wide range of giving options such as recurring donations and pledges
  • And so much more!

Learn more about Fundraising



The Submissions + Reviews app gives you a centralized view into all your different submission processes. Think of it as your command center where you can make sure all your submissions get their proper review and nothing gets dropped.

Then we took things a step further. The Submissions + Reviews app lets you collect and review information of any kind. Request for travel, honoraria, sign-in forms, and more.

  • Craft a submission process for anything that needs review
  • Create custom forms to collect any information you need
  • Create configurable review rounds + criteria
  • Designate review teams + buckets

Learn more about Submissions + Reviews



Large purchases are easier to make when you’re able to split the payment over time. When you give your members more flexibility in the timing of an expensive purchase, they’re more likely to go ahead and buy now.  For purchases like exhibit booths, event sponsorships, donation pledges, or even membership – you want to offer your members an easy way to pay over time. 

  • Make it easier for your constituents to purchase big-ticket items by splitting up the payment over time
  • Easily edit installment plans that make the most sense for each product
  • Enjoy complete visibility into your installment plans  – open installment plans, upcoming payments, and more
  • Automate your financial billing and recognize revenue faster with customer statements 

Learn more about Installment Plans



With Rhythm’s Group Membership feature, one person is able to quickly and seamlessly purchase memberships for multiple people at one time, in one transaction. 

  • Purchase multiple memberships at once
  • Save time by paying for everything in one transaction
  • Configure the group membership options that make the most sense for your association 

Learn more about Group Membership



When your members want to purchase more from your association, you want it to be as easy as possible. You want them to be able to add multiple products into their shopping cart and only have to check out once. 

We wanted to give you even more flexibility in purchasing; which is why we designed the new Universal Shopping Cart option.

  • Make it easier for your staff to create complex orders with multiple products and recipients
  • Designate which  products you want to sell in the same online store
  • Make purchases on behalf of others in one shopping cart 

Learn more about Universal Shopping Cart



Data integrity is always top-of-mind for anyone who manages an association’s data. You have to track thousands of records including important contact information for your members, transaction history, committee assignments, and so much more.

Bulk Update takes the manual effort out of updating or deleting many records at once. 

  • Keep your database up to date with bulk updates + deletes
  • Update hundreds of records in minutes
  • Upload a spreadsheet of data to update within Rhythm 

Learn more about Bulk Update and Delete



With so much data to manage, you don’t want all of those users to be able to access everything. You shouldn’t have to worry about that intern accidentally billing members or modifying financial records. And you want your power users to be the only ones modifying your forms and processes.  

That’s why we created Roles + Permissions, a powerful way to set role-based authorization within Rhythm’s apps and processes. 

  • Easily designate access with pre-built policies
  • Group your users access with roles
  • Fine-tune security access with permissions 
  • Feel secure in your data and processes 

Learn more about Roles + Permissions





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