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Drive Non-Dues Revenue and Boost Membership Value with the Career Center

Drive Non-Dues Revenue and Boost Membership Value with the Career Center

Career Centers are beneficial tools to help members gain access to new opportunities and reduced candidate competition. They can also be used to establish your association as a reputable source of high-quality candidates to employers. When implemented effectively, Career Centers are a great benefit to everyone: your association, members, and corporate partners.

Of course, the more members and partners benefit, the more non-dues revenue you can generate. Even if you don’t currently have a Career Center, you should always have the option to start one. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Rhythm’s Career Center!

Drive Non-Dues Revenue And Boost Your Membership Value with Career Center

Like all Rhythm products, the Career Center is highly configurable to fit your association’s unique needs and processes. Here are a few ways you can tailor this feature:

  • Design custom job packs
  • Set job posting expiration dates
  • Set rules around editing existing job listings
  • Create custom email notifications
  • Enable online resume submissions

With an intuitive and navigable portal interface, members can get connected with great opportunities in minutes. Your corporate members will thank you.

Straightforward Setup for Admins

Whether you want something simple or highly configured, setup should always be straightforward. Use the console settings to choose which fields of criteria your members will be able to search and how their results will be sorted.

Create custom forms and fields in order to collect all the information you need from employers, and specify which fields are optional or required. You can even configure a custom job posting process to set expiration dates for listings, enable employers to modify their existing listings, and if so, specify which form should be used for the modification.

And of course, you can create custom confirmation emails and job expiration emails to streamline communication with partners.

Easy admin setup

Employer Settings in the Portal

Employers will have access to all the options they need in the portal. Here, they can purchase job packs for a certain number of listings and edit, view, and close their existing listings.

Employers can also enable online job applications, which will allow an applicant to upload their resume and have it immediately sent to the potential employer for review.

Employer Settings - final

Member Job Search and Application

An online career center offers a single place for members to search for new opportunities. Based on the criteria you have selected in the console, members can search using the allowed fields, keywords, and demographic information.

Then, they can view all the job listing details that have been posted - and apply directly through the portal if the option has been enabled.

Member job search and application

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