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December 2022 Product Roundup

December 2022 Product Roundup

The more associations we talk to, the more we hear that your AMS has traditionally made your day-to-day harder. You spend too much time trying to make the system work for you, can’t trust the reporting in your AMS, and tasks that should be streamlined take longer than necessary. 


At Rhythm, we set out every day to challenge the status quo. It’s a lofty goal, but we truly believe that every association should have an AMS that they love – one that makes their staff’s lives easier and their member experience better. 

Key Enhancements


💡 One-click data gathering on event sessions


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We heard that you needed a quick way to download event session registrants' information and that it needed to live in an easy-to-access place. So, we’ve added an ‘Open in Query’ button on the registrants tab of every session 360 page. 

With one click, you’re taken to a list of registrants for that particular session. From there, you can download the list. 

A lot goes into planning sessions and functions – an accurate attendee count shouldn’t be another thing to worry about. 

Behind the scenes, you’re coordinating with the event setup team, vendors, and sending session-specific emails to registrants. It’s important that you can trust the reporting in your AMS to provide you with accurate attendee numbers, names, emails, or even menu selections so you can pass that information along and keep the event running smoothly. 

With past AMS providers, it was difficult to quickly see who was attending what – or worse, you couldn’t trust the information inside of your AMS to be accurate. 

With Rhythm’s ‘Open in Query’ button on Event Session 360 screens, your data is actionable and informative – plus, available with a click of a button. Every time. 



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