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Streamline Your Educational Offerings With the Rhythm + Elevate LMS Integration

Streamline Your Educational Offerings With the Rhythm + Elevate LMS Integration

Online courses, exams, and educational content have always been a meaningful way to provide value to your members, boost non-dues revenue, and become a resource in your space. 

In 2021, online educational content had its time to shine. Now more than ever, members are looking for ways to level up their skills and knowledge – all from the comfort of where they work best. By facilitating webinar content, courses, credits, and exams, associations can increase the value of their membership, retention rates, and non-dues revenue – and become a shining star in their industry. 

Introducing the Rhythm + Elevate LMS Integration, a robust way to deliver and host meaningful and educational content for your members. 

Here’s an overview of how the Rhythm + Elevate LMS integration empowers your association:

  • Provide your members with educational and engaging courses and credits 
  • Streamline your enrollment process by allowing Rhythm to take care of some of the work for you, so you can get back to creating more educational content
  • Manage member pricing, tiered-pricing, discounts, and coupons 
  • Instantly stream information between Rhythm and Elevate so you can be confident in your data

Easily manage permissions and automate course enrollment

Without this integration, you’d have to manually provide access to a course in Elevate LMS every time a member signed up in Rhythm. On the other hand, if a member canceled their registration, you’d have to manually remove their access to the course in Elevate LMS. 

The Rhythm + Elevate LMS integration prevents this by automatically streaming information between the systems you know and love. Now, members gain immediate access to their course in Elevate when they sign up in Rhythm. If someone cancels their enrollment, they automatically lose their access to the course in Elevate. Spend less time on the stuff that should be automatic and more time building out your educational content. 

"When you can maximize integrations between your database and an LMS such as Elevate LMS, you can achieve a smooth login experience for the end-user. A single sign-on integration allows for the user to seamlessly login without having to create and remember new usernames and passwords for an additional site. In addition to having Elevate LMS recognize the user, their information, and user type or status, it can also specify which content they have access to along with what prices apply to said user." Arianne Urena, Project Manager at Cadmium Elevate LMS. 

Manage credits in the way that works best for you

Don’t let credit tracking be another headache for your staff. Now, you can automatically assign a number of credits to a course in Rhythm. When your members complete the course in Elevate LMS, that information is fed back into Rhythm, so you can easily track progress towards a certification or goal. Prefer to verify credits before they count? No problem. Easily toggle between automatic credit tracking or manual verification. 

All the things you love best about Rhythm’s purchasing engine, integrated with Elevate LMS

In the past, it was hard for associations to provide special discounts and member-based pricing on content hosted in your LMS. That’s where Rhythm comes in: now, you can manage member pricing, tiered pricing, discounts, and coupons. Apply special discounts to your courses to entice members to sign-up. With saved payment methods and donation options, it’s easier than ever for your members to get involved. 

Now you can set up the template for confirmation emails and receipts to be sent out to members who sign-up for a course.

The beauty of this integration? You can take advantage of what Elevate LMS does best – hosting your courses, delivering your content, quiz and exam management, and progress tracking, and what your AMS does best – data storage, pricing, and registration structures with the Rhythm + Elevate LMS Integration. 

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