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Get a Full Picture Into the Progress of Your Learners With the Rhythm + Canvas LMS Integration

Get a Full Picture Into the Progress of Your Learners With the Rhythm + Canvas LMS Integration

The past few years have proven the value of offering online courses and exams to your members. From increasing non-dues revenue to becoming an industry resource – educational content is having its time in the sun. 

Your members are able to connect from anywhere in the world. Gone are the days of only engaging your members during an annual conference. Now, your members want ways to engage and learn year-round. And, your staff want clear visibility into the progress your members are making in the course. Think accurate reports, percentage of members complete, and how far members are getting in a course before they get stuck – or worse, stop engaging. 

Canvas LMS is a popular choice for course and exam management among associations working in higher education and we’re excited to partner with a platform that they already use and are excited about. 

Introducing the Rhythm + Canvas LMS Integration, a way to host meaningful educational content for your members and gain clearer visibility into their progress.

Here’s a sneak-peek into how the Rhythm + Canvas LMS Integration empowers your staff and members: 

  • Provide your members with engaging and meaningful courses and exams through the Canvas Integration
  • Streamline your enrollment process by allowing Rhythm to take care of some of the work for you, so you can get back to creating more educational content
  • Manage member pricing, tiered-pricing, discounts, and coupons with the Rhythm purchasing engine 
  • Instant streaming of course progress so you can gain visibility into the progression of your learners

Automatic course enrollment for your members

With the Rhythm + Canvas LMS integration, your members gain access to their courses as soon as they sign up within Rhythm or lose access when they cancel their enrollment. Say goodbye to multiple tabs open with spreadsheets, your AMS, and your learning platform – we take care of the little things so you can focus on the big stuff. Now, your members have access to all of the courses they need, and none of the ones they don’t. 

Track your learner’s progress in real-time

As your learners take a course in Canvas, their progress is automatically being streamed back to Rhythm, giving you clearer visibility into how much they’ve completed. 

Before the integration, your staff was unable to view the percentage of progression of your learners inside of Rhythm. Now, each time a learner completes a module in Canvas, that information is sent back to Rhythm, updating their registration to show how far into the course they are, in percentages. 

Sit back and watch as members complete the course, see where they’re getting stuck or dropping off, and build more accurate reports and queries based on the learners’ progress. 

Separate your course enrollments by sections

For higher education associations, you might have instances where universities or other big organizations are purchasing your courses and using them as resources for their learners. When that happens, you might want to separate them into different groups of course takers. 

When configuring a course in Rhythm, you can decide if you want learners to be designated to a course section, depending on the organization the contact belongs to. Once added to a section, the learners within that section can only see and interact with each other. 

The best parts of Rhythm’s purchasing engine, integrated with Canvas LMS

In the past, it was hard for associations to provide special discounts and member-based pricing on content hosted in your LMS. That’s where Rhythm comes in: now, you can manage member pricing, tiered pricing, discounts, and coupons. Apply special discounts to your courses to entice members to sign-up. With saved payment methods and donation options, it’s easier than ever for your members to get involved. 


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