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February 2024 Product Roundup

February 2024 Product Roundup

Innovation is core to who we are at Rhythm. To us, innovation isn’t just our major product launches, it’s the daily improvements we make to your staff’s processes and your member’s experience. 

Every month, we publish a roundup of the new features and enhancements we added – over time, these add up to 366 days (happy leap year!) of innovation and improvements.


Key Enhancements


💡 Deeper integrated portal event functionality

Not every event is big enough to get its own microsite. Events like webinars, luncheons, and single-day conferences have found a home right in the member portal on their own landing pages. These portal-integrated events allow your attendees to easily register online, but not much else.

Not anymore. 

This month we added more functionality for portal-integrated events. You now have the ability to:

  • Display a full event schedule within a portal-integrated event, including sessions, functions, and speakers with the ability to set the display order
  • Display an attendee list for events in the portal, with the ability to turn it off or on per event 
  • Allow group registration for portal-integrated events



💡  The ability for members to edit their certification activities in the portal

If your organization offers certification programs in your industry or profession, you know how much work goes into tracking activities, reporting on completion, and ultimately, granting the certification. 

We’ve always had the ability for your constituents to upload certification activities in the member portal, empowering them to upload what they’ve done to earn or maintain certification. 

Previously, once a constituent uploaded their certification activities to the portal, they had to reach out to your team to make changes on their behalf in the console. With hundreds of applicants and dozens of certification activities, this added up to a lot of manual work for your staff. 

Now, you can allow your certificants to edit their certification activities in the portal, giving them full autonomy over the work they’ve done to maintain or earn their certification – without having to reach out to your team anytime they need to make a quick edit. 

If you’re a current customer who wants to enable this functionality, you must have the Edit Activities feature turned on within the Certification Activity Type. Then, make sure to install the Certification - Activities portal feature to grant your certificants access to edit their activities. 


💡  Frictionless auto-renewal options at any point of payment

Associations know that member retention is key for steady growth. That’s why we want to make it easier than ever for your members to renew.

One way we do this is by encouraging your members to opt in to auto-renewal. We have always allowed constituents to select this option during the membership join or renewal process, but this month we took it a step further. 

If you allow your members to pay their membership dues after the initial application, they will be encouraged to automatically renew their membership again when they log into the portal to pay the outstanding invoice.


Additional Enhancements


  • The ability to configure membership processes to require approval based on the chapter that is selected
  • Set an event as a featured event to be highlighted on the browse events page 
  • Display any directory as a simple list in the portal – instead of a searchable directory 
  • Allow your constituents to select which fields they would like displayed on directories, instead of just a full opt-out
  • Ability to display upcoming chapter events for a member’s primary chapter in the portal 
  • You can now set the display order for Sessions, Functions, and Other Events on event schedules throughout Rhythm


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