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August 2022 Product Roundup

August 2022 Product Roundup

It’s that time again! Each month, we like to update you on what’s new within the Rhythm platform. The Product Roundup is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we’ve been working on. Enjoy!

Key Enhancements


💡Overrideable Chapter Memberships for Flowdown Members

Rhythm now supports the ability to override the chapter membership for a flowdown member. In the past, the system wouldn’t allow that change in the middle of a membership cycle — but your members are on the go, and you need an easy way to keep track of important details without affecting membership at the organizational level.

For example, when a flowdown member moves to a new region, updating their chapter membership is a simple, straightforward process. Once updated, this change will show under the “Overriden Fields” section in their membership record.


💡Search Flowdown Member Contact Lists

Some organizations have hundreds of flowdown members. In the past, you’d have to search a contact’s first and last name (and spell it correctly!) to find them in the flowdown member contact list. In an effort to create a more intuitive experience, we refreshed the search function to allow your team to search the list by “First Name” or “Last Name”.

Additional Optimizations

  • Transactions were taking the scenic route before showing up in the portal. We’ve course-corrected, so now your members can view transactions as soon as they happen.
  • Abstracts Review Rounds can now be created, managed, and closed successfully.
  • The “Membership Type” and “Membership Package” components were not visible when the user navigated back to them on a form. We’ve fixed this, and users can now edit this information without trouble.
  • Thanks to a recent fix, users can create and save page layouts in the console without error.
  • We made a quick fix to ensure that name merge fields appear correctly in password reset emails.


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