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March 2022 Product Roundup

March 2022 Product Roundup

It’s that time again: Rhythm’s Monthly Product Roundup is here! 🎉

This roundup is a collection of enhancements we’ve made to our product in the past month. We believe in rapid, intentional innovation that’s driven by customer feedback, and here’s where you get to see how we’re delivering on that promise.


Key Enhancements


💡Exhibit Booth Discounts

Incentivize your vendors with Rhythm’s new support for Exhibit Booth Discounts. This means that when you’re managing booth fees, you can set a discount amount or percentage based on the number of booths being purchased in a single transaction.

Exhibit Booth Discounts-1💡Canvas Integration

Get a full picture of the progress of your learners with the Rhythm + Canvas Integration. Offering digital educational content is here to stay, and now, Rhythm customers have a robust integration that does the heavy lifting for them.  Engage members at every step of their journey, from seamless enrollment to course completion.

💡Custom Certificate Names

Now, you can give your members the option to choose how their name is displayed on their earned certificates. This is beneficial for members who go by a nickname or abbreviation of their full name, and allows constituents to enjoy a more personalized experience.

Custom certificate name-1

💡Copy Form Components

If your association uses a lot of forms, you’ll be excited to learn that Rhythm lets you copy a heavily configured component from one form to another. If you take the time to configure a component, you should easily be able to add it to any additional forms without manually replicating the process. 

If you’re a Rhythm customer, you can start using this feature by navigating to the “Add Component” button in the Form Builder and selecting the option called “From Another Form”. You’ll then be allowed to select a component from another form to copy. Easy-peasy.

Copy Form Components-1


Additional Enhancement

  • Now, you can configure member reinstatement periods to happen on the expiration date instead of the termination date. Update this setting globally in membership settings, or on the application process level.

If you’re a Rhythm customer and can’t wait to implement these new features and functionalities, contact your support representative to get started!

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