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July 2022 Product Roundup

July 2022 Product Roundup

Here at Rhythm, we believe that a great product is just as much about optimizing existing features as it is about building new ones. While we’re always adding more functionality, we’re also listening to our customers and making enhancements that will give them a better experience and make their jobs easier.

The Product Roundup is your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at what we’ve been working on. These features may not be the biggest or shiniest, but they’ll have a positive impact on your teams and your members. Over time, these updates add up! Keep reading to learn more about June’s releases.

Key Enhancements


💡Certification Renewal Forecasting

Certifications can be a major source of non-dues revenue for associations. If you’ve done the hard work to build out valuable certification offerings for members, now you have the added ability to forecast the expected renewal revenue from those certifications.

Make financial projections a breeze with Rhythm’s new billing action, Forecast Revenue. This feature will allow you to filter on the following fields:

  • Programs
  • Training Providers
  • Expiration Dates
  • Status Reasons

After the action is executed in the billing run, Rhythm will run a pro forma order for the application fee associated with the selected renewal process, determining the amount of forecasted revenue for a specified certification.

Forecast Renewals-1

💡Support Relationships between Contacts + Multiple Entities

When building Rhythm, we made the conscious decision to create a fixed relationship between contacts and organizations for the sake of simplicity.

However, many prospective customers have legacy systems that allow individuals to be associated with multiple organizations. The last thing we want is for you to lose important data when you make the switch, so we came up with a solution! Now, your association can configure multiple "relationship types" between contacts and organizations in the Rhythm console, allowing for a clean and tidy data migration experience. This way, you can maintain important information — like which organizations your members have volunteered for or where they’ve worked previously.

Please note: The system can keep track of this data, but it will not affect anything else such as flow-down benefits, donor soft credits, and portal permissions functionality.
Relationship Types

💡Enable Search By Country

We’ve enhanced Rhythm’s query engine with the added ability to filter by a member’s country of residence. It’s one more way you can create tailored, targeted lists to give your members a more personalized experience.

Enable Search by Country

💡Copy Purchase Eligibility Options + Special Pricing Logic

Save time during configuration with the added ability to copy and paste Purchase Eligibility Options and Special Pricing Logic. No more navigating between multiple tabs to ensure you’ve copied your settings correctly — and re-doing manual work. With this new enhancement, you can copy your most intricate Purchase Eligibility Options and Special Pricing Logic and apply them (across apps!) to other parts of the platform.

Specify Function Availability

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