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September 2021 Product Roundup

September 2021 Product Roundup


Here at Rhythm, we believe that consistent innovation is key to building a great product that customers can really love. While most big features get their own highlight post, our monthly roundups are a chance to celebrate the tiny (but mighty) enhancements we make to our product on a daily basis. 

Because the small things matter, tooespecially when it comes to software.


Key Enhancements


💡Group registration

Group Registration has been a hotly requested feature. And we are ecstatic that it’s finally here! With this feature, one person can register multiple people within the same organization for events and conferences - all through the portal. 

Easily select contacts and registration info for each person, then pay for everything all at once. The registered individuals will get an email with their registration confirmation, keeping everyone on the same page.

Note: Group Registration is currently in beta testing for select customers.

💡Substitute Event Registrations

Along with Group Registration, we’ve added a few more capabilities to event registrations overall. We know things change, and you need to be able to easily update event registrations. That’s why you can now move a registration from one contact to another, including all the linked session registrations, tickets, and course registrations.

You’ll also have the option to send a registration confirmation email to the newly substituted contact, ensuring everyone is in the know.

💡Modify Event Registrations

Admins can modify event registrations in the console, and you now have the option to enable this functionality in the portal as well! Let members update and add to existing event registrations without any hassle - including session selections and meal preferences.

In the console, you can set a date up to which people can modify their registration, so you have ample time to make adjustments. If you want to give members an abbreviated version of the form or charge a fee to make changes, you can configure those settings in the console.

💡Query Across All Products

You can now run cross-app queries across all products (including G/L codes and information) in Rhythm. This is especially useful if you want to check the financial configuration of all your products across various segments or apps.

Easily see key information at a glance, re-categorize or update G/L codes as needed, and rest assured everything is in its place.

Additional Enhancements

  • Rhythm now supports tracking a contact’s organization name, even if there is no linked organization record. This is great to use if you want to track an individual contact’s organization without creating an entirely new organizational record as well.
  • The system will now show an error message when a user tries to use a coupon that doesn’t apply to any items in the order, so they know how to proceed.

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