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September 2023 Product Roundup

September 2023 Product Roundup

They say small, daily choices create a substantial long-term impact.

We take a similar approach at Rhythm — we know that smaller, frequent updates will allow us to build a best-in-class product over time. 

This monthly roundup is your chance to get a sneak peek at what’s new and see how we’ve been making the product better, just for you!


Key Enhancements


💡 Additions to Query Output Fields for Deeper Visibility into Organization Queries 

When an association has organizational memberships that include flowdown benefits to child organizations, it can be tough to sort through all of the data.

Not in Rhythm.

With the new additions to our query output fields, you can take a deeper dive into the details of your members. Let’s take a look at the new fields we added:

  • Address Types to make it easier to pull a list of child organizations and their individual addresses
  • Phone Number Types to see the phone numbers associated with each organization and their child organization
  • Contact Counts so you can quickly query on the amount of contacts tied to both a child organization and the parent organization
  • Child Organization Counts to easily see the number of child organizations associated with a parent organization


💡 Support for Invoice Snapshots and Historical A/R Aging Reports 

Audit season is a stressful time for all associations, but for many, it’s more difficult than it should be. We wanted to make it easier for staff accountants to pull even more information from the AMS, so we introduced invoice snapshots and updates to our historical A/R aging reports in the Finance app.

Invoice snapshots allow associations to look back in time. Now, you can see a snapshot of all open invoices at the end of a given month. This means a point-in-time look into your historical data is accessible whenever you need it.

The A/R aging report gives associations clear visibility into your financial health by determining which members or constituents have invoices with outstanding balances. The aging schedule shows unpaid invoices grouped into date ranges with the added ability to navigate directly to a contact or organization record for easy communication. The updates we made this month include the ability to filter the report by date range, a certain point in time, or present day. 

With easily accessible data, you can stay on top of payments and take action when necessary - without all of the headaches.


💡 Updated Portal Sign-Up Flow 

Many of you are using Rhythm’s Single-Sign-On capabilities powered by Auth0 to simplify login for your members. This means your members may create their account for the first time on your website, community, or learning management system. We’ve heard that this can be challenging for members who have not yet visited the Rhythm Portal and have not been linked to a contact.

That’s why we redesigned the Portal Sign Up process to allow members to create a new contact, or link themselves to an existing contact, at the same time they create their credentials. Whether the member is signing in using an existing account, or has just created a brand new contact, they’ll always be redirected back to the site where they originally asked to log in.

We have been testing this new workflow through our Early Access Program throughout the last year with highly positive feedback and have now rolled out this change to everyone.

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