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Rhythm Feedback

Rhythm Feedback

If you’ve been hanging around us a while, you know that customer-driven design is at the core of everything we do here at Rhythm. 

Naturally, it made sense to implement an easy way for customers to submit their bright ideas - and an easy way for us to collect them. Enter: Rhythm Feedback.

Rhythm Feedback: Your one-stop shop to submit feature requests, vote on new ideas, and see what’s coming next.

This in-product feature allows customers to:

  • Submit and prioritize their ideas
  • View and vote on other people's ideas
  • See request statuses
  • Gain visibility into what we’re working on and what has recently been released
Submit your ideas

You can easily submit feature requests from inside the app, without even changing windows. Simply fill out the form and submit - we’ll take care of the rest.

Submit a Request

Vote on ideas

See a list of feature requests that have been submitted by other customers, and upvote the most exciting or helpful ones. This will help us understand what kinds of features have the biggest impact on our customer base.

Suggested by Others


After sharing an idea or voting on an existing feature request, you can go one step further: Tell us which features are at the absolute top of your list. By prioritizing all the features you’ve interacted with, we’ll gain a better understanding of what really has you jazzed.

My prioritiesWe’re always looking for ways to get customer input, and Rhythm Feedback is another tool to help us collect and prioritize your comments and ideas. To learn more and get started, log into the console and look for the Rhythm Feedback tab on the right side of your screen!

Like our Director of Product, Daryl Edwards, always says: Thank you for helping us make Rhythm better, together.

Ready for an AMS that truly listens?

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