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Rhythm Core Values: Customer-Driven Product

Rhythm Core Values: Customer-Driven Product


CUSTOMER–DRIVEN PRODUCT — This blog is part of a series where we do a deep dive into Rhythm’s core values and guiding principles. Our core values are an intentional declaration of what we believe, how we make decisions, and how we move our organization forward with alignment.

"To me, having a customer-driven product means that Rhythm is built by and for customers. Without them, Rhythm couldn’t be the intuitive, user-friendly platform that it is. We always march to the drum of the customer's voice, and because of that, we have their confidence.” — Gabe Lyron, Product Manager

Everything we build at Rhythm intentionally includes customer input. No product is complete until our customers say so, because it doesn’t work for us if it doesn’t work for them.

When you have a software company, it can be easy for engineers to gain an outsized voice in what the product does. The problem with this is that engineers aren’t usually the ones talking to customers — creating a disconnect between the engineers who build things and the people who use them.

We’ve all had an experience where we start using a product and think, “if anyone had talked to me before building this or had a deep understanding of the problem I’m trying to solve, it wouldn’t look or function like this at all.” That’s a frustration that we never want a customer to feel, which is why their feedback is integral at every stage of our design and development process.

“As an engineer, it can be easy to assume I understand how our customers want to use a given feature — but every time we have a conversation, I learn something new about what they’re trying to achieve.  Collecting this valuable feedback up front means we have a chance to get it right the first time.” — Matthew Carpenter, Software Engineer

We like to take it one step further here at Rhythm. Not only do customers get a say in how we build things, but they also get to advocate for what goes on the product roadmap to begin with. With in-product feature requests, visibility into what other customers want, and a comprehensive support experience, the entire Rhythm team is passionate about offering a truly delightful, intuitive solution to our customers.

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