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Rhythm Core Values: Customer Obsessed

Rhythm Core Values: Customer Obsessed

CUSTOMER OBSESSED — This blog is part of a series where we do a deep dive into Rhythm’s core values and guiding principles. Our core values are an intentional declaration of what we believe, how we make decisions, and how we move our organization forward with alignment.


“Being customer obsessed means being the customer’s advocate when they’re unable to represent themselves. In my role, it looks like speaking up on their behalf when we’re prioritizing customer issues during internal meetings.” — Melissa Pettiford, Sr. Product Specialist

In a world where it’s easy for any company to claim they’re customer-driven or customer-focused, it can be hard to pick out which organizations are truly committed to their customers when the going gets tough.

One thing we’re sure of is that if we want our company values to scale successfully, we have to put processes in place to make that happen. To stay customer-obsessed over time, newer employees need to have guiding principles they can use to make the right decisions that are in the best interest of the customer.

From a technical perspective, it can be easy for engineers to see three customer problems and build one “solution” that “solves” all of them (but not really). Our team is aware of that bias and actively prioritizes solving specific problems with specific solutions that work for the customer.

“Operating in a customer-first manner means inviting the customer into the process and allowing their voice to be heard. I'm always looking for ways to improve our processes to better serve the customer, so this kind of feedback is invaluable.   When customers see that they can affect change, we gain their trust and can move from being a vendor to a true partner and extension of their team.” — Armond Mack, Director of Customer Experience

At Rhythm, customer satisfaction is surfaced throughout the entire organization and is tied to our corporate goals, so we can measure the success of our efforts. We’re not just checking boxes, we’re seeking customer validation and joy. When a customer gives input about a new feature or integration, we feed that back into the innovation engine to make it better. Over time, we end up with a product that is truly innovative, delightful, and user-friendly.

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