Product Updates

Product Updates

April 2024 Product Roundup

April 2024 Product Roundup

Welcome to April’s Monthly Product Roundup! Product Roundups are our monthly playlists of what’s new at Rhythm. 

We're dedicated to enhancing our user experience, and that often means fine-tuning existing features alongside introducing new ones.

In April, we focused on those subtle yet impactful tweaks that elevate your daily operations. Keep reading for a full update on the enhancements we've crafted with you in mind.


Key Enhancements



For the event planners out there, you’re always looking for easier ways to consolidate event reporting to have a deeper view of how your event revenue is progressing and what options attendees are selecting. Previously, it was hard to pull the total number of purchases on functions, sessions, or add-on ticket numbers that were added to registration after their initial purchase.

Now, get a deeper look into which functions, sessions, and add-ons your event registrants opted into during registration, all within the registration query. 

Previously, users had to run three separate queries to pull this information to see how many of each ticket the registrant purchased, making it difficult to quickly see what registrants were opting into, in one place. 

Event season is stressful enough, let’s make it easier to get the information you need. Now, querying event information is a little easier and more accessible than before! 



💡  BUNDLE YOUR PRODUCTS TOGETHER for purchases and on invoices

Have more control over how your products and invoices appear to your constituents with inline product bundling. Now, you’re able to bundle products with each other but have them appear on the invoice as a single line item. 

For example, your membership package may include the national chapter fees and a section membership fee as a bundle, but you only want to present the purchase as a single line item. Or, maybe your new member welcome package includes annual membership fees, plus a few promotional items to represent your association. You want to surprise new members with a new member package but still want to track the items you’re sending in your AMS. 

Now, you’re able to bundle those together for the purchasers, showing one total fee for the membership package instead of separate fees for everything the bundle includes. Plus, the subsequent invoice sent to the purchaser will contain a single line item for the membership package. 

The really cool part? Revenue is recognized on the backend appropriately. Even if products are purchased as a bundle, they will be recognized as separate items on the backend – meaning they will go to their respective G/L accounts, be tracked separately for reporting purposes, and during reconciliation, everything will go to the right place. 

If you’re a current Rhythm user who is interested in setting up inline bundling, you can configure this when setting up products throughout the system. 



A few months ago, we released the ability to support financial departments within Rhythm, allowing you to have more control over which department your money should be categorized within the same G/L account. 

Good news for our users who use QuickBooks Online as their financial management system – our integration with them now supports an automatic push of department information to QuickBooks Online. 

For current customers already using Location/Departments in Quickbooks Online, you’ll need to make sure the departments are created in Rhythm to take advantage of this feature. 

If you’re not utilizing departments yet, you’ll need to enable it in QuickBooks Online first. Check out this helpful setup guide for everything you need to know. 



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