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Build Engaging Marketing Campaigns with the Rhythm + Campaign Monitor Integration

Build Engaging Marketing Campaigns with the Rhythm + Campaign Monitor Integration

Association staff are often stretched thin, with only a handful of full-time staff members expected to engage members, run events, market your association, and so much more. On the flip side, your members are expecting more from their experience – from personalized communication to campaigns that are relevant to them, it can be hard to give them what they want and need while simultaneously growing your revenue and not overloading your staff workload.

With the Rhythm + Campaign Monitor integration, you can now create beautiful and personalized email marketing campaigns using the power of Rhythm’s query engine – no matter the level of marketing or SQL expertise on your team. 

Say hello to the Rhythm + Campaign Monitor Integration, a simple way to engage your members with unforgettable email campaigns based on the data hosted in your AMS. 

We’ve heard that it can be hard to build email campaigns that are both engaging and visually appealing – while also harnessing the data that you already know about your members. With this integration, your staff can take advantage of the Rhythm queries tool, a simple way to pull lists of data from your AMS. Now, you can choose which queries you want to be sent over to Campaign Monitor, and use the information to build out targeted email marketing campaigns. 

Here’s an overview of what the Rhythm + Campaign Monitor Integration unlocks for your staff and members: 

  • Provide your staff with the tools to create engaging and beautifully designed  email marketing campaigns
  • Harness the data hosted in your AMS to build email lists with the Rhythm Query engine
  • Gain clear visibility into the results of your campaigns directly in Rhythm

Engaging + Visually-Appealing Emails

With Campaign Monitor, it’s never been easier to create beautifully designed emails – no matter your level of graphic design or marketing expertise. With the drag-and-drop editor, you can create unforgettable emails without knowing any code. 

Engage your members by automating the experience so you can sit back as members receive the emails that matter to them. From event registration to committee membership, or even members who you want to convert from a student member to a professional member, it’s simple to build a query based on contact filters and send it over to Campaign Monitor – so your marketing campaigns are timely and relevant. With personalization tokens, you can use the contact information hosted inside of Rhythm to make the emails feel like one-on-one communication. 

Worried about keeping your marketing contacts up-to-date? No problem. You can build suppression lists to send over to Campaign Monitor, or if a member unsubscribes from an email, that information is automatically sent over and recorded inside of Rhythm. 

Visibility Inside Rhythm


Learn from past email campaigns with results sent back to Rhythm. Navigate to a contact to view their email engagement – from click-throughs, to open rates or bounce backs. Now, you know who is engaging with emails the most or who might benefit from a phone call instead.

Now, it's easier for your staff to create engaging and timely email marketing campaigns – and your members won't miss a beat. 

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