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February 2022 Product Roundup

February 2022 Product Roundup

It’s that time again: Rhythm’s Monthly Product Roundup is here! 🎉

This roundup is a collection of enhancements we’ve made to our product in the past month. We believe in rapid, intentional innovation that’s driven by customer feedback, and here’s where you get to see how we’re delivering on that promise.

Some say the proof is in the pudding - but we say the proof is in the product.

Key Enhancements

💡Membership Renewal During Event Registration

As an association, you’re constantly looking for ways to make it easy for members to engage. That’s why there’s always been an option to let new or inactive members join during event registration. We’ve expanded that capability, so now you can prompt existing members to renew if their expiration date is approaching. 

When a member is registering for an event, they see the value that your association offers firsthand - meaning it's a great time to ask about renewal. Plus, you’ll allow them to knock out multiple “to-do’s” in one sitting.

If you’re a customer who’s excited to enable this feature, the details can be configured within the Registration Settings of Rhythm’s Events App.

Event Reg renewal Window

💡Restrict Coupon Codes to Organizations

We’ve upgraded our product to make it easier for associations to offer targeted coupons and discounts at scale. February’s new enhancement allows associations to restrict how many times people from a single organization can use a coupon code. For example, you might want to give a code to 200 organizations, but only allow 2 people from each organization to use the code.

In the past, you’d have to generate 200 separate codes and assign them to each organization. Then, a manager at the organization level would assign them to specific people (and hope they were the right people). It was a painful process to say the least, and we knew you deserved better.

Now, Rhythm customers enjoy greater flexibility and much less manual work. If you’re ready to get started, all this and more is configurable in the console at the Coupon Code level.

Restrict Coupon Codes to Orgs
💡Dropped benefits with inactive memberships

Rhythm has the added ability to drop certifications and committee access associated with expired memberships in bulk.

This is especially helpful for associations that offer certifications or committee access that is contingent upon an active membership. Instead of staff manually removing certifications or committee access after inactive memberships, Rhythm takes care of it for you - all in a single process. Get the full scoop here.

Dropped Benefits with Inactive Memberships-1


Additional Enhancements

  • You’ll now have the ability to see statistical information for tenant data. Customers in implementation will be able to more easily identify “junk” data, and live customers will be able to keep tabs on whatever’s important to them, from Memberships to Sponsorships to Events.
  • There’s an added ability to wipe tenant data, meaning you can get rid of any “junk” data you’ve identified before a final import into Rhythm.
  • Enhanced functionality allows associations to configure G/L accounts on products when creating or editing them, as opposed to requiring additional steps. If enabled, G/L information can easily be done directly from the product creation or edit screen.

If you’re a Rhythm customer and can’t wait to implement these new features and functionalities, contact your support representative to get started!

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