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October 2022 Product Roundup

October 2022 Product Roundup

We’ve been working behind the scenes on some pretty exciting updates this last month. 

At Rhythm, we don’t settle for the status quo – an outdated system that gets little to no improvement or innovation. 

Instead, we get better every day. Sometimes it’s a big improvement or something a little bit smaller – but we believe it all adds up to make a big impact on your staff’s day-to-day. 

Here’s your inside scoop on what’s new in Rhythm and how we’ve been making the product better! 

Key Enhancements


💡 Optimized queries engine performance 

An AMS is the single source of truth for an association’s data, so it’s important that accessing information is as easy as possible. That’s why we built the query engine in the first place. But we knew it could be even better, so we went back to work.

The result? A faster and fresher queries engine. 

Enjoy the same simplicity and robustness of Rhythm queries in a fraction of the time. Compared with previous query performance, most record changes are now available in query results 99% faster.

If you’re a current customer – we took care of all the details for you with no action needed on your end. No API updates will be necessary for those integrations that rely on queries. And you won’t need to resave any of your queries either. You’ll receive a notification in the console when the update has been enabled for your tenant. 


💡 Create custom fields across events

Being able to collect custom information from your members is key to ensuring that you have all the information you need. At Rhythm, we allow you to have an unlimited amount of custom fields, because we understand that every association collects unique information. We also know that you often need to collect the same information across multiple event registrations – and that you want to keep event setup as seamless as possible. Now, custom fields are on the app level in events, meaning you can create custom fields once and reuse them across multiple events. This way, you’re able to create your custom fields in the events app one time, and quickly add them to all future forms. No more duplicating work!



💡Ability to see calculated field errors

As an association, there are times when you may need to automatically calculate contact record fields based on user input. When you create a calculated field, it was really tricky to see if there was an error. Now, when you create a calculated field, it’s easy to see if there are any errors within the contact 360 screen. Get an overview of the errors in the calculated fields and make changes if necessary.

Now it’s easier than ever to configure Rhythm to meet your unique needs with no additional cost.


💡tracking event registration transfers

Sometimes your staff needs to manually transfer an event registration to another member – things come up, right? Previously, there was no way to see that a transfer occurred, or who the original registration belonged to. When multiple substitutions occur, it became a challenge to keep track of, or have a clear insight into your data. 

Now, there’s a tab on the registration 360 pages where you can see all of your substitutions for a given registration in one place. Plus – on the contact’s event 360 screen you can quickly see all of the events that a member has been substituted in or out of. Tracking event registration transfers is just another way that Rhythm gives you clear visibility into your data.




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