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What Is Association Management Software (AMS)?

What Is Association Management Software (AMS)?

Association Management Software (AMS) is a central database that houses the critical functions of an association. But what does that really mean? As an AMS continues to innovate and learn from customer feedback, it becomes so much more than just a membership management system. 

An AMS can power your association to do its best work, not just for your staff, but for your members. An all-encompassing AMS has many applications:
  • Contact Management (CRM)
  • Membership and Committee Management
  • Event and Show Management
  • Certification and Course Management
  • Accounting and Billing
  • eCommerce
  • Data Management

With all of your processes on a single platform, the total cost of ownership goes down. An AMS allows you to perform multiple business functions in one place, making running your association more efficient and affordable. 

An AMS can power your association to do its best work – from anywhere 

With a cloud-based platform, you can access your AMS from anywhere, on any device. Need to check something real quick from your home computer? No problem. 

Association Management Software should consistently innovate and provide you with new functionality. Now that’s something you can’t get out of a spreadsheet. 

An AMS simplifies daily tasks so you can focus on the important stuff - your members.

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and members faxing in their renewal forms. Your members expect a fool-proof process, and so should you. With an AMS, you’re able to streamline your everyday tasks, giving you more time to be mission-focused. Back-and-forth email streams become a click of a button, unorganized spreadsheets turn into categorized lists, and reminders for membership renewal are now automated. With an AMS that understands your association’s needs and processes, there are fewer headaches and more time for your association to do good for the world and your members. 

An AMS breaks down and organizes all your association’s data in one place.

When you use an AMS for multiple functions of your business, you’re able to organize your data all in one place. Want to see if a member has signed up for events, joined a committee, or even ordered merchandise from your online store? You’re able to easily pull lists based on filters and see the bigger picture of your association and its members. Then, you can use the data to build out a better member experience by seeing where your members are engaging the most. With a central database, all of your data stays up-to-date, complete, and accurate. 

As for data security, cloud-based software keeps your data secure. Here at Rhythm, we use Amazon Web Services. 

What do your members get out of you using an AMS?

Switching to an AMS doesn’t just benefit your staff; an AMS provides a better experience for your members, too. With an improved online interface, it’s easier than ever for constituents to get involved in your organization. They’re able to self-serve for tasks like renewing their membership, signing up for the next conference, or accessing documents.

An AMS also provides your members with a consistent online experience. You can customize your member portal to mirror the branding of your association, allowing members to know immediately that they’re in the right place. Your processes are streamlined and members always know what to expect when they go to fulfill a task in the portal. Take out the guesswork and provide your members with an intuitive experience. 

When your members are able to easily self-serve, your staff has more time to focus on initiatives and programs that enhance their experience. When your processes are simplified and automated, you can take time to plan more events, offer certifications, or make the world a better place through your mission.  

If you’re still using multiple systems to manage your association, it might be time to switch to an AMS. 

Association Management Software needs to be able to keep the beat of your association. If you’re having to jump from software to software to manage your association’s daily tasks, it’s time to switch to one software that can do it all. Whether it’s through base applications or integrations, an AMS can provide you with a central database where all of your critical functions live. 

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